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Facts About Hocking Hills

Scouring the internet looking up important details about a travel destination can be tough nowadays when the internet can have anything uploaded for everyone to see. The same can be said for Hocking Hills when you are looking for details regarding your upcoming stay. Luckily, we are here to provide you with straight Hocking Hills facts!

Settled by Historic Native American Tribes

Hocking Hills was first visited by Native American tribes hundreds of years ago. It is near impossible to determine when the first humans came to Hocking Hills, which is believed to be around the Ice Age. We do know that tribes used the Hocking Hills area as a rendezvous point. Many of the caves and rock overhands in Hocking Hills State Park were used as shelter from the weather. The Wyandot tribe settled along the Hocking River, which is located by present day Logan. The Shawnee and Delaware nations also used the area for hunting although they never permanently settled in the area. Pioneers came to the area next in the late 1790s, and the rest, they say, is history.

State Owned Attractions

Most of the areas you want to see in Hocking Hills are all owned by the state of Ohio. This includes the ever-popular Hocking Hills State Park with its multiple areas to explore. Additional state-owned attractions you will find include Lake Logan State Park, Hocking State Forest, Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve, and many more. Some areas such as Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserve require a permit so have all the necessary documents before you visit!

Home to Rare Plants

Hocking Hills is also home to some truly fascinating and rare plants in the area. You will find incredible specimens including Huperzia porophila, Botrychium simplex, Silene rotundifolia, and the Trichomanes boschianum. Many of these rare plants are unique breeds of ferns that grow exclusively in the area. Keep your eyes peeled whenever you explore Hocking Hills State Park to see these wonderful plants in person!

Hocking Hills Facts: Best Stay in Town

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