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History of Hocking Hills

It is always fascinating to learn all about the different regions and areas you go to visit. What may seem like a modern spectacle of exciting attractions can have deep roots into the historical events of the area. The same can be said for Hocking Hills and its surrounding Ohio landscape. Hocking Hills history dates back all the way to 350 million years ago when historic sandstone cliffs and bedrock formed the area it is now seen as today. Take a look at the rich history of Hocking Hills:

Formed by Rivers and Glaciers

Hocking Hills and Hocking Hills State Park is a beautiful area that deserves to be learned about. The Hocking Hills area first formed through flowing rivers that created a shallow sea over the state of Ohio. Eventually, the land rose, and many cliffs and waterfalls were formed and are still visible to this day. The vegetation of Hocking Hills is all due to nearby glaciers from millions of years ago that provided a cool, moist environment for them to grow in.

Native American Roots

While the Hocking Hills landscaped formed over millions of years it was not until around 7,000 years ago when the Adena first inhabited the area. Hocking Hills become more prominent over the 1700s as several Native American tribes settled in the area including the Shawnee, Wyandotte, and Delaware. The landscape was rich in nutrients making it ideal farmlands and plenty of wildlife to hunt in the forest. Eventually, Hocking County was founded in 1818 with the city of Logan being established in 1816. The town was named after James John Logan, a local Mingo Chief, who had lived through the massacre of his entire tribe.

Creating Hocking Hills State Park

Of course, Hocking Hills is best known for our biggest attraction, Hocking Hills State Park. The state purchased land in 1924 that eventually became to be what Hocking Hills State Park is today. This purchase included Old Man’s Cave which was already a popular attraction since 1870. Some of the other caves in the park were even hideouts for bank robbers and criminals. Now the whole park is a great place to explore rich hiking trails and scenic views for the whole family.

More Fun in Hocking Hills

There is plenty to see and explore right here in Hocking Hills. Make sure to book one of our vacation rentals in the area today and experience Hocking Hills to its finest.

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