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Top Reasons to Visit Hocking Hills

When you pick a destination such as Hocking Hills you probably know what you are going to see. Hocking Hills is one of the top state park destinations in the country and features beautiful scenery. Of course, knowing more specifics about your visit is always helpful. Here are the top reasons for a Hocking Hills, Ohio vacation this year:

Hocking Hills State Park

It should come as no surprise that the biggest reason to visit Hocking Hills is our biggest attraction, Hocking Hills State Park. This expansive park has been popular to visit since the late 1800s and features seven distinct areas to visit. Visitors will find they will most likely need more than one day to get around to each part of the park. During your hiking, you will find gorgeous scenery complete with streams and rivers, flowing waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, recessed caverns, and much more. The trails connecting each area vary with difficulty as well so there is something for everyone to try out. Stop by the winter to see everything frozen in place and have a nice touch of snow on the trees. The fall season is a great time to visit as well with the leaves changing color to gorgeous red, orange, and yellow. If you need to come to Hocking Hills for one reason, it should be Hocking Hills State Park.

Unique Events

Another top reason to visit Hocking Hills is the variety of unique events we offer throughout the year. You will find the annual Washboard Factory Festival in Logan where the only working washboard factory currently operates. This festival plays up on the uniqueness of the location and features food trucks, live music, tours of the factory, and more. The Bigfoot Festival is a newer addition that has joined Hocking Hills and is the eccentric event for all casual bigfoot lovers out there. Lilyfest is a popular festival that focuses on beautiful lily flowers, educational activities, tours of the Bishop Educational Gardens, and gorgeous hikes. Over 60 artists will be on hand along with live music for various activities perfect for all ages.

Book Your Hocking Hills, Ohio Vacation Today

Plenty of incredible reasons exist on why you should visit Hocking Hills, but the Hocking Hill State Park and our unique events always take the top tier. Make sure to book one of our vacation rentals as soon as possible to experience these reasons for yourself.

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