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Hocking Hills Christmas Events

The holiday season is here, and Christmas will soon be at our doorstep. Christmas is one of the most popular holidays to celebrate each year. Many families will wish to celebrate their Christmas holiday with a variety of events taking place where they are staying. This year start a new tradition with family by visiting Hocking Hills for your festivities. Hocking Hills and the surrounding areas feature a variety of events that will showcase the Christmas holiday. These events in Hocking Hills are exclusive to the area and cannot be found anywhere else. Here are some Hocking Hills Christmas events taking place this year:

Christmas in Ash Cave

Whenever visitors prepare for a trip to Hocking Hills, they will often hear that the Hocking Hills State Park is the top destination to visit. It is true that the Hocking Hills State Park is the most popular attraction and for good reason. This local park features seven distinct areas you can hike and explore. Expect to see some truly incredible sights from flowing waterfalls and rivers to natural sandstone bridges. Hocking Hills State Park is open every day of the year letting you explore it even on Christmas Day. Hocking Hills State Park also celebrates the holiday season with their very own Christmas in Ash Cave event. Ash Cave is found in one of the seven different hiking areas of the park. This year’s Christmas in Ash Cave will be taking place on December 10th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Guests will arrive at the park and make their way to the Ash Cave trailhead. There you will find an open fire pit that welcomes visitors with refreshments such as hot chocolate and cookies. Carolers will be on hand singing classic Christmas songs. Enjoy the live music or join in with them. Santa Claus will also be on handing for a variety of activities including helping him decorate the Christmas Tree. The tree is designed with local wildlife in mind, so decorations will include a variety of treats for critters to enjoy. Or have the kids visit Santa Claus and tell him what they want for Christmas. Dancing by candlelight will be taking place on top of the roof of Ash Cave. One of the best parts about this event is getting the chance to explore Ash Cave at night. The cascading waterfall in this part of the park will be flowing even deeper than usual into the gorge. Christmas in Ash Cave is always free to attend, so make sure to bring the whole family. You will also have the opportunity to explore other parts of Hocking Hills State Park if you arrive earlier in the day. December is typically cold here in Hocking Hills, so make sure you dress appropriately for this event that takes place outdoors.

Holiday Treasure Hunt

Hocking Hills is home to some unique shops that are locally owned and provide some one-of-a-kind gifts for purchase. Complete some of your holiday shopping by taking part of the Holiday Treasure Hunt this year. This local event will have 27 of the locally owned shops here in Hocking Hills participating. All you have to do is purchase an item at any six stores that are currently open; they will stamp your shopping passport upon each purchase. Once you have six or more stamps, you can enter your passport in for a chance to win a grand prize, a trip for four people to Hocking Hills. A variety of other prizes will also be available too so make sure to get your stamps in quickly. The Holiday Treasure Hunt takes place from November 1st through December 12th here in Hocking Hills. Make sure to turn in your passport at the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center for a shot at the grand prize!

Bowen House Celebration of Trees

Come see some beautifully decorated Christmas trees at the Bowen House Celebration of Trees. This annual Ohio Christmas Event event takes place at the Bowen House, a local community center for arts and crafts. A variety of Christmas trees will be decorated by local organizations and put on display. The opening reception ceremony will take place on Saturday December 3rd from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. After that, the event will be open Thursday through Saturday each week until December 23rd. Hours on these days will be from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Come see some of the best-looking Christmas trees here in Hocking Hills.

Enjoy These Ohio Christmas Events in Hocking Hills

There is no time like the present to start planning for your vacation getaway to Hocking Hills. Our vacation destination will be ready to host you for Christmas in Hocking Hills and any other holiday in the area. Book your favorite rental today and enjoy these Hocking Hills Christmas events.

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