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Lancaster Festival

Hocking Hills is a travel destination that is perfect for everyone. Seriously, there is something here for everyone, including beautiful state parks, unique attractions, and lively events. Hocking Hills is close by to many other local communities that are just a short drive away. This includes Lancaster, a wonderful community that hosts a variety of events throughout the year including their infamous Lancaster Festival. This lively event is an annual tradition that features live music and so much more. Take a look at what to expect from Lancaster Festival in 2022:

Artistic Creativity

The Lancaster Festival has become a staple for celebrating artistic creativity in all cultures here in Lancaster. The festival is an all-inclusive event that highlights the support and visibility of the local community. When you attend the Lancaster Festival you will feel like a local who has returned home. Expect to enjoy a variety of local productions, many that specifically involve the Lancaster Festival Orchestra. This classical music programming has always been the centerpiece to this enjoyable event.

2022 Featured Artists

Each year the Lancaster Festival showcases a variety of featured artists who produce incredible live performances right on the stage. The Lancaster Festival 2022 will be featuring Billy Currington and Rick Springfield for the incredible lineup. Each performance will be held at the Wendel Concert Stage located at the Ohio University Lancaster Campus. Expect to find an incredible performance that will showcase their talent and recognition. Rick Springfield is scheduled to perform on July 23rd with over 40 years of award-winning songs. Billy Currington will bring the festival to a close for the grand finale scheduled for July 30th. Each performance held on these Saturdays will end with a dazzling firework display that lights up the night sky.

Buy Your Tickets for the Lancaster Festival Today

You can purchase tickets for the Lancaster Festival 2022 in a variety of ways. Individual concert tickets can be purchases so you can pick and choose which shows you want to go to. Call 740-687-4808 to inquire further on tickets for this must-see event!

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