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Washboard Music Festival

Make sure to plan for the best summer holiday yet and make your way to Hocking Hills. The area has an incredible number of fun things to do including seeing the Hocking Hills State Park and other attractions. Hocking Hills and the surrounding area also host a variety of special events throughout the year, including the Washing Arts & Music Festival. This annual tradition is just down the street in Logan, Ohio where it is home to the last washboard factory in the country. This annual festival utilizes washboards as a percussion instruments to showcase incredible music and feature other activities. Take a look at what you’re missing out on during the Washboard Music Festival:

Music Festival Activities

As the name suggests, the Washboard Arts and Music Festival is a music festival that will feature live music for you to enjoy. Washboards have been around for generations and are a unique addition to any live music performance. Come see live musicians include this item in each performance in a completely different way. Live music is featured during every day of the festival.

Additional Activities and More

The Washboard Music Festival also features a variety of activities perfect for anyone in the family. Come check out the arts and crafts areas where you can make your own work of art. Local art vendors will be on hand selling their incredible pieces. Guests can enjoy a classic car parade where classic automobiles are brought out of hiding and shown off to the public. Children’s activities will include face painting, balloons, rides on the Chuckie Choo Choo washboard train, outdoor bounce houses, and so much more. You can even get a free tour of the washboard factory for free. Now that is quite a bit to enjoy at this annual festival!

2022 Washboard Music Festival

The 2022 Washboard Arts and Music Festival took place on June 16th through the 18th. This annual event is always taking place in mid-June so you can plan for next year’s festivities. Don’t miss out on this unique event taking place in Logan!

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