Windy 9

The endless scenic views of Southeast Ohio make it the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts to head in the name of summer vacation. While the Hocking Hills region is perfect for hiking, biking, camping, and kayaking, it’s winding roads and gorgeous views also make it a beautiful place to visit by motorcycle. For those with a heart for hitting the road on two wheels at breathtaking speeds, Windy 9 is an event and opportunity not to be missed.

Amazing Motorcycle Routes

Exciting curves and rugged hilly landscapes make Windy 9 a must-try for travelers looking to experience the best of Ohio by motorcycle. Athens, Ohio acts as a basecamp for riders taking on the Windy 9 trails. As the name indicates, this ride provides motorcycle enthusiasts with nine breathtaking routes through Hocking Hills that are sure to satisfy an adventurous spirit. Windy 9 is as much about the many rides to take as it is a social gathering of those with similar interests. These routes can be taken on individually or together, but half the fun lies in coming together once again to discuss your adventures with a drink in hand in Athens.

Incredible Routes

The Rim of the World is designated as Windy 9 Route one and focuses on Route 78 while passing by Wayne National Forest and Burr Oak State Park. Route two is known as the Southern Dip and gives riders an up-close encounter with the Ohio River Scenic Byway. Route three is the Hocking Hills Nipper and travels along the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway while Route four claims the title Lazy Rivers and invites riders to indulge in the many locks and dams along the way before arriving in Pomeroy. Route five is known as the Zalesky Zipper and is a particularly scenic route with views of Zalesky State Forest and Lake Hope State Park. Route six is fondly referred to as Pioneer Pass and takes riders along State Route 555. Route seven is known as Pomeroy Dash and includes a deep dive into Appalachian backcountry while Route eight leads riders through old mining towns and is named Black Diamond Run. Last but certainly not least, Route nine known as the Triple Nickel and brings excitement in the form of formidable curves and lush scenery.

Nearby Attractions

After you have had your fun exploring the Windy 9 and its various routes, make sure to stick around Athens for some fun and excitement. Many visitors make their way to Athens each year to attend a graduation ceremony at Ohio University. This college first opened for students in 1809 and has since become a center highlight for the community. Ohio University is open to many different attractions open to the public including the Ohio Museum Complex and Kennedy Museum of the Art. This landmark attraction is known for incredible exhibits featuring Native American artwork with a focus on textiles. The museum is open daily from extended hours and with a limited schedule on the weekends. Athens also features plenty of wonderful outdoor areas to explore too. Sells Park is a local public park that encompasses 22.5 acres open for exploration. Take a hike down the many trails or stop by Sells Pond. A much larger outdoor area can be found nearby at Strouds Run State Park. This state park is over 2,600 acres in space and features Dow Lake, one of the state’s only artificial lakes. Make sure to stop by for beautiful trails that take you by the water. The campgrounds are a wonderful spot to spend a night outdoors. The lake is open to swimming and boats so you can easily get around.

Nearby Restaurants

Make sure you do not go hungry in between your rides down each of the nine routes for Windy 9. Athens features various different restaurants you need to check out to stay fueled for your rides. Try out some southern charm with Mama’s Boy Restaurant. This local favorite features southern cooking with breakfast and lunch entrees on the menu. The servings are always enough to fill you up, but they are only open until 2:30 PM each day so get there early. The Table Bistro is a New American bistro that uses a bright space with modern décor. The menu is always up on a chalkboard and there is plenty of patio seating perfect for the summer weather. If you are in the mood for comfort food for lunch or dinner The Place has you covered. Enjoy their clever cocktails or grab one of their craft beers from the tap list. The brick interior is great to look at and offers a rustic charm that you don’t see too often anymore.

Things To Do In Athens Ohio

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