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Hocking Hills Hiking

The dynamic landscape of southeastern Ohio provides an oasis of outdoor adventure. You don’t have to be an expert hiker to make the most of the many winding trails that grace this part of the state. Roaming the vast wilderness that makes up Hocking Hills State Park is an experience in encounters with sprawling caves, impressive waterfalls and towering trees that are home to some incredible wildlife. Whether you’re headed to Hocking Hills to push your hiking skills to the next level or are looking for a newcomer’s route into the world of trekking, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful destination. Here are a few of the Hocking Hills trails you won’t want to miss while you’re here.

Cedar Falls

This beautiful trail takes hikers down the route following the Lower Gorge of Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park. The trail is lined with hemlock and takes hikers winding through sandstone rocks and walls before reaching Cedar Falls itself. This impressive waterfall is worth the trek and provides stunning views as the water tumbles over large stones into a pristine pool below.

Rock House

The quarter-mile trail leading to Rock House in Hocking Hills State Park is a great choice when you’re planning a trek that can accommodate young hikers. While the Hocking Hills hiking trail itself is lined with towering trees and impressive foliage, Rock House is a giant cave waiting for you at the end that’s worth exploring too! Views of the Green Valley and opportunities to take in this towering landform make for a memorable and manageable hike for the entire family.

Cantwell Cliffs

One of seven major Hocking Hills hiking areas encompassed by the Hocking Hills State Park, Cantwell Cliffs is loved for its rock formations, lush valleys and of course, high cliffsides. The trail takes about 40 minutes to hike and covers half a mile of ground. More experienced hikers may want to take the rim route that provides a bit more of a challenge while novice hikers will enjoy the gentle incline that comes with taking the trail that follows the valley floor.

Other Great Hiking Spots

• Old Man’s Cave
• Conkle’s Hollow
• Airplane Rock
• Rock Bridge State Nature Preserve
• Clear Creek Metro Park

Hocking Hills Hiking and More

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