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Teenage Friendly Activities in Hocking Hills

It can be difficult to plan for a vacation getaway when you have a teenager or two in the family. They often want their own space and can be found behind their phone or tablet. Teenagers can also be easily grumpy if you do not plan any activities they will find exciting. Luckily for you, Hocking Hills has plenty of exciting activities in the area that the whole family can enjoy including your teenager. These Teenage Friendly activities in Hocking Hills activities will keep them busy and having fun while you can rest easy knowing you planned well for everyone. Take a look at some of these teenage friendly activities here in the area:

Adventure Pro Outdoors

When you visit Hocking Hills you will be looking for an outdoor adventure like you have never experienced before. The area is known for its beautiful scenery and wilderness you can explore that surrounds the area. Hocking Hills is home to Adventure Pro Outdoors, a thrill-seeking company that offers all of your outdoor gear needs and exciting tours of the area. If you plan on spending some time by the water, check out their selection of rental gear. You can find rental canoes, kayaks, and river tubes. Their popular tour of the Hocking River is a local and visitor favorite. You will be on a guided tour of the river on top a kayak, canoe, or tube and enjoy a scenic trip down the river. A variety of tour options are available so show your teenager so they can pick out their favorite. Adventure Pro Outdoors also offers ATV rentals in nearby Wayne National Forest. Go on a thrilling half day or full day journey through the forest on a guided tour. Adventure Pro Outdoors really has it all so make sure to check out their thrilling activities in Hocking Hills!

Go Rock Rappelling

Another thrill-seeking adventure found nearby Hocking Hills that your teenager will love is rock rappelling. This activity involves you rappelling down a rope on a rock or cliff surface. While this activity may make parents understandably nervous at first the professionals at High Rock Adventures have your safety as their utmost importance. This local adventure company offers a variety of rappelling adventures for anyone ages 6 and up. Teenagers will get the most of out of this activity as they are big enough to navigate on their own. The safety gear will ensure that you are secure every step of the way. Average tour times during your activity is up to 3 hours so expect to spend a good part of your day enjoying this activity. Don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure with High Rock Adventures!

Scenic Air Tour

If you have visited Hocking Hills before you may very well know how the landscape looks by now. Try something new with your teenager by taking them on an adventure high up into the sky. Hocking Hills Scenic Air Tours provide a high-flying adventure in a private charter plane up in the sky. A veteran pilot will try you around the area to show off Hocking Hills from a whole new angle. You can book a flight for two in time frames of 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes. An additional person can be added to the itinerary for a small fee. Hocking Hills Scenic Air Flights also provides flight instruction too. Don’t miss out on this unique experience in the Hocking Hills region!

Laser Tag and Paintball

If you have any teenage boys in your family, you have probably heard all about the fun of laser tag and paintball matches. Visitors of Hocking Hills can take their teenager to have this kind of fun in at our neighboring town of Lancaster. Geneva Hills offers a variety of exciting activities that involve laser tag and paintball. Instead of your typical indoor laser tag, Geneva Hills offers an outdoor experience using the forest scenery as the backdrop. Visitors are able to book the entire arena making it perfect for a birthday party or special event. Another great activity that Geneva Hills sponsors is archery. Learn to shoot a bow and perfect your shot at the range. Once you have the skill down you can try a match of archery tag. This is similar to paintball but instead of shooting paintballs at each other you will be firing off soft arrows at each other to tag a person out. This unique experience is especially fun with family members!

More Time to Enjoy These Hocking Hills, Ohio Activities

As you can see, your teenager will have plenty of exciting Hocking Hills, Ohio activities to choose from during your next family getaway. Make sure to plan ahead and book one of our cabin rentals in the area. You will find the finest amenities and features for the best stay in town.

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