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Hocking Hills is a haven of fun for those that look forward to returning to this vacation destination year after year. While the scenery is sure to inspire, many travelers turn their attention this direction in the name of fun dining options as well as in-town activities such as shopping and browsing antique malls. In light of the 2020 global pandemic, travelers heading this way might not be taking part in the activities they once held dear, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do. When it comes to social distancing, here are a few Hocking Hills things to do that will keep you healthy and safe while bringing the fun factor into account.

Hike to Rock House

Getting out and into nature is one of the best social distancing methods a trip to Hocking Hills offers up and hiking the trail to Rock House fits the bill. This unique destination is considered to be the most authentic natural recess in Hocking Hills State Park and requires guests to take on some steep hills in order to reach the entrance. Built into Blackhand sandstone, Rock House is a collection of natural archways and columns, making it easy to distance from other visitors as you explore the interior. The main corridor of Rock House is an impressive 200 feet long while ceilings throughout tower up to 25 feet high.

Boat and Picnic at Lake Logan State Park

If the trails prove too crowded, getting out on the water is a good way to keep a safe distance from others while enjoying the Hocking Hills scenery simultaneously. The lake at Lake Logan State Park is considered one of the best in the area for fishing and an oasis of potential for those that can’t wait to cast a line. This area is also dotted with wonderfully tranquil and secluded picnic areas that allow for a meal in the open air without having to worry about the crowds.

Order Take Out from Olde Dutch

When your day of adventure comes to a close, there’s no reason to worry about whether or not you should head to a restaurant. Order take away from Olde Dutch and enjoy Amish-inspired fare from the comfort of your vacation rental. This area favorite is located in Logan and is known for serving up everything from soups and salads to chicken and sandwiches.

Take Time to Enjoy Hocking Hills

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