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Ash Cave

Hocking Hills is a spectacularly dynamic area that offers visitors a chance to get up close to some truly beautiful natural features. Guests visiting this area are often enchanted by the many landforms that take shape before their eyes. From waterfalls to turquoise ponds and the variety of hiking trails that wind through dense forest and sandstone walls, there’s something nearly magical about a trek through the wilderness of southeastern Ohio. Of all the landscapes worth encountering, there’s nothing quite like coming upon some of the region’s most impressive caves. Earning the titles as the largest of these caves, Ash Cave is a must-visit destination for those who are visiting with a passion for maximizing their outdoor adventures.

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Historical and Vast

Sitting off of Ohio Route 56 near Logan, Ash Cave is one of the most impressive natural features Hocking Hills Park offers up. The cave is shaped like a horseshoe and was long ago used as a residence by early inhabitants of the area. When settlers arrived in Hocking Hills and first discovered the cave, they bestowed its name upon it due to the massive piles of ash that were found near and further inside the main entrance. It is believed that the cave was once home to native tribes and the ash was a result of campfires extinguished long ago.

cave trail cave hole

Dynamic Dimensions

Ash Cave measures 700 feet in length and at certain points reaches 100 feet into the earth. The front rim measures 90 feet high, creating a spectacular entrance. Combined with the cascade of water that falls over the front entrance into a pristine pool, the welcome to Ash Cave is nothing if not nature’s best foot forward. While Ash Cave serves as a natural destination for exploration, it has also served the people of Hocking Hills well throughout the years. Town meetings and local events are often hosted at the cave. It has also been used as a temporary pulpit for churches that are in the process of building their new facilities. Immersed in beautiful woodlands, the appeal of Ash Cave is undeniable and it’s no surprise that visitors return for another visit year after year.

Time to Unwind

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