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Hemlock Bridge Trail

Of all the sights and natural landmarks that make Hocking Hills, Ohio an oasis of beauty, there’s something special about Hocking Hills State Park. Within the boundaries of this designated space, visitors can enjoy everything from hidden away waterfalls to sheer sandstone cliffs and the many caves and caverns in between. With lush forest, wildlife and amazing foliage designing the ideal backdrop for exploration, a trip to Hocking Hills State Park is bound to be a captivating one. While there are a vast array of trails to choose from, those who are looking to make the most of the most innovative paths while ensuring an encounter with one of the most incredible caves the area hosts will want to begin their journey through Hocking Hills State Park on Hemlock Bridge Trail.

Adventure Awaits

As one of the newest trails in Hocking Hills State Park, Hemlock Bridge Trail is an exciting route that is becoming increasingly popular amongst hikers that are excited to take the scenic route towards the final destination of Whispering Cave. Hemlock Bridge Trail is open year-round for hikers between the hours of dusk and dawn, making it a convenient place to plan a hike no matter what time of the year or month you happen to arrive. Hemlock Bridge Trail can be accessed on Lodge Road near 20327 OH-664 Scenic. Once you’ve found your starting point, lace up your hiking boots and take off on a path that winds around Old Man’s Creek where you’ll cross a charming swinging bridge as you head for the Old Man’s

Cave Gorge Trail

Make sure to take time for photos at the swinging bridge before heading towards Whispering Cave. This infamous natural landmark enjoys the title as the park system’s second largest cave. Many first-time visitors are stunned by the cave’s impressive dimensions and it’s often the inspiration for heading out in the name of more cave exploration later on. Scenic overlooks, hemlocks, and cliffsides abound in this area which means hikers have plenty of excuses to prolong their hike in the name of observation. Hemlock Bridge Trail is just over a mile and a half in length. Experience hikers should allow at least 30 minutes to complete the trail while less experienced hikers may want to set aside more time as the trail does include a number of stairs and inclines along the way.

Things to Do Nearby

The beauty of a trip to Hocking Hills often lies within the versatility guests discover both in the landscape and cityscapes of this area. Whether you’re a visitor with a heart for the great outdoors or someone who appreciates a balance between time spent with nature and time spent in town, Hocking Hills has just about everything you’re searching for and then something more! When you’re hoping to expand on your itinerary and have checked a visit to the Hemlock Bridge Trail off the list, here are a few options to add.

Photograph Ash Cave

Similarly situated within Hocking Hills State Park, Ash Cave is known and loved as the largest of all the recesses that can be found within this sprawling space of land. Accompanied by cascades and surrounded by towering trees and lush foliage, a trip to Ash Cave is as simple as linking up with a connected trail and making sure you have your camera in hand. The impressive dimensions of this rock formation make it a place that many guests choose to linger and enjoy some time simply taking in the view. With end to end measurements of 700 feet and depths that reach more than 100 feet, an encounter with Ash Cave is one you surely won’t forget.

Dine at JimBo’s Burgers and Beer

The savory appeal is right in the name for those that have a craving to curb and head to JimBo’s Burgers and Beer. Located at 23356 OH-56 in South Bloomingville, this traditional and casual dining stop is as fun and it is filled with bold flavors. Open Thursday through Saturday from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm and Sunday from until 7:00 pm, guests who stop at JimBo’s will have options to dine indoors or on the open-air patio. Order up a mouthwatering burger and wash it down with a beer while striking up a conversation with locals or those passing through that happen to be parking their RV’s across the street!

Attractions Nearby

If you’re in the mood for a thrilling adventure, be sure to book time at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. Situated at 10714 Jackson Street in Rockbridge, Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is regularly voted the area’s best and invites guests to stop by and enjoy one of two 3-hour zipline tours led by a knowledgeable guide. These tours take you soaring over the treetops and provide unsurpassed views of the landscape below. The facilities are open from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm daily and questions regarding group reservations can be directed to 740-385-9477.

Hocking Hills Trails

There’s never been a better time to head to the inviting region of Hocking Hills. While you’re here, be sure to let the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges take care of all your accommodation details so you can make the most of every moment out exploring. Contact us today to start planning!

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