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Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium

An adventurous vacation to Hocking Hills, Ohio is sure to come with its fair share of wonderous moments. For those that are looking for incredible encounters in the great outdoors, there’s nothing that thrills more than a hike through one of Hocking Hills’ many towering caves. For travelers seeking an adventure that redefines the vastness of the world, views of sweeping canyons can be hard to beat. Still, others will be enchanted by the waterfalls that dot this region and opportunities to take to the many waterways by kayak and canoe that make for wonderful outings with family and friends. No matter how you spend your time in Hocking Hills, there will inevitably be moments when a caffeine break is in order. Instead of trying to figure it out as you go, be sure to add Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium to your itinerary before you arrive for a sure way to rejuvenate before heading back outdoors.

Hocking Hills Flavorful and Energizing Stop

Incorporated into the well-known Hocking Hills Inn, the Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium is located at 13984 OH-664 Scenic and is a sure way to savor the authentic flavor of the region in style. The Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium is a laid-back beverage-based establishment that incorporates natural beauty and urban appeal into its aesthetic décor. Guests are invited to come on in and grab a comfortable seat to enjoy a beverage of their choosing. Hand-brewed favorites range from Espresso to bold blends and every iced option in between depending on what you’re in the mood for. While personalized blends are available upon request, tea and hot chocolate are available for those looking for something a bit off the coffee path. If you’re craving something more robust to accompany your coffee order, Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium offers a breakfast and lunch menu that includes everything from breakfast pizza to grilled cheese panini.

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A Souvenir or Two

While you wait for your order or when you’ve finished the last drop of coffee in the cup, make sure to make time to browse the many goods for sale at Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium. This charming locale is proud to display a wide variety of shirts, pottery, coffee mugs and more that highlight Hocking Hills. Whether you’re looking for yourself or searching for the perfect souvenir to bring home, this is the place to find it.

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Things to Do Nearby

A trip to the Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium is sure to be a palate-pleasing experience that will likely turn a first visit into one of many to come. Once guests are energized and ready to get back out and explore, there’s plenty waiting to be enjoyed. Hocking Hills is a dynamic destination that promises to offer up adventures of all types and when you’re ready to experience it for yourself, here are a few must-see destinations that are worth a visit while you’re in town.

Enjoy Time at the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

The best way to connect with the greater Hocking Hills area is to truly set out in search of encounters with nature itself. If you’re lookin for where to go in Hocking Hills, one of the most scenic stops available to do exactly that while you’re here is Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. This area of protected land is located at 11475 Dalton Road in Rockbridge which is less than 10 miles from the perhaps more well-known Hocking Hills State Park.  The park includes a maze of hiking trails that make it easy to set off on an independent adventure. Along the way, you’ll be sure to encounter everything from stunning sandstone shelves and cliffs to cascades that will make you want to grab your camera. Guided tours of the park are readily available upon request and questions regarding those excursions can be directed to 614-265-6561.

Explore the Hocking River

Take your adventures from land to water by renting a canoe or kayak from the professionals at the Hocking Hills Canoe Livery while you’re in town. Located at 12789 State Route 664-South in Logan, The Hocking Hills Canoe Livery provides guests with rental options as well as guided outdoor adventures upon request. Guests are free to customize their experience on the river according to skill level by picking from 5-hour paddles to 7.5-hour paddle options as well. Enjoy the riverside scenery while learning about the many ecosystems that make up this area too. Customized pricing options can be found by calling 740-385-0523.

Attractions Nearby

When you’re looking for the local and insider information to accompany your travels throughout the Hocking Hills area, a stop by the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center is a must. Situated at 13178 SR-664 S. in Logan, this center is staffed by knowledgeable individuals who are always willing to share information on upcoming area events and where one might even be able to find a discount. From advice on restaurants to providing maps and information on guided excursion, a stop at the Hocking Hills Welcome Center is always a welcome moment.

Where to Go in Hocking Hills

Whether you’re here for the coffee or the great outdoors, Hocking Hills is a destination worth visiting time and again. Let the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges handle your vacation rental cabin booking for your stay. Comfortable, luxurious and convenient, our properties create a customized experience whenever you find yourself in Hocking Hills. Contact us today for more information on our many options.

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