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Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

The entirety of Southeastern Ohio has earned a reputation for being a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing and scenic vacation. Hocking Hills, in particular, is noted for its diverse landscape, amazing hiking trails, beautiful caves and wonderful waterfalls that are only a small part of the appeal when it comes to booking a trip that’s sure to please the mind and rejuvenate the senses. While the natural beauty of Hocking Hills and the surrounding county exists to be enjoyed, it often takes a concentrated effort to make sure these gorgeous areas remain intact for years and generations to come. Rockbridge State Nature Preserve is a prime example of Hocking County’s dedication to making sure some of Hocking Hill’s most beautiful and beloved natural landmarks are around for the foreseeable future.

Nature’s Vast Work

Impressive in size and beauty, Rockbridge State Nature Preserve protects 202 acres of land in Hocking County including the portion that houses Rockbridge. This natural arch is one of 12 in the state of Ohio and claims dimensions of over 100 feet in length and up to 20 feet in width. Rockbridge spans 50 feet over a steep ravine and holds the distinguished title of being the largest of all 12 natural bridges in the state. These natural bridges have been noted to be more prevalent in areas where the landscape is dominated by sandstone as opposed to the limestone that is found throughout much of Ohio.

A History of the Natural Bridge

Experts believe that Rockbridge would have been formed millions of years in the past. At that time, the vast majority of what is now Ohio was covered by the sea. As rivers and lakes deposited sands and minerals into the area, Black Hand Sandstone began to form. As the sea began to recede over time, the Appalachian Mountains began to emerge and through the process of erosion, these natural bridges began to take shape as well.

Planning a Visit

When traveling to Rockbridge State Nature Preserve from Rockbridge village, head southeast for 1.7 miles on U.S. Route 33 before taking a left on Dalton Road. Eventually, take a slight turn north when signs for Rockbridge State Nature Preserve parking appear. The entrance to the preserve is clearly indicated and it’s an easy walk from the parking lot to other areas of the preserve.

Things to Do Nearby

For those visitors that can’t get enough of time immersed in nature and are ready to be impressed, a trip to Rockbridge State Nature Preserve while you’re in town is always a treat. For those that can’t wait to expand their itinerary even further, Hocking Hills is an undeniable oasis of potential for fun, excitement, and discovery. Once you’ve checked Rockbridge State Nature Preserve off the list, here are a few stops you’ll want to be sure to add to the top.

Spend Time at the Logan Antique Mall

When you’re a visitor to Hocking Hills that just can’t wait to hang up their hiking boots after plenty of exploring and swap them out for shopping shoes, a stop at Logan Antique Mall is bound to be a great choice in destinations. Located at 12795 OH-664 S., the Logan Antique Mall isn’t hard to miss with its green signs, cabin-style exterior, and many flags that frame the front door. The service is friendly and the options for browsing are sure to be abundant. Come in and enjoy picking your way through a variety of items, never quite knowing what gems you might stumble upon! The Logan Antique Mall is open week long from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Visit the John Glenn Astronomy Park

When you’re ready to spend some time under the stars, admiring and learning about the cosmos with the family, head over to John Glenn Astronomy Park in Logan. Situated at 20531 OH-664 S., the John Glenn Astronomy Park is a pristine place to bring your own telescope and observe the skies or utilize the on-site equipment that’s available. While the park is open every day of the year, keep an eye on the events calendar for guided tours and specialized programs where you can learn more about the work that’s being done in the field of astronomy and how the John Glenn Astronomy Park makes a contribution to the effort.

Attractions Nearby

When you’ve been out and about and you’re ready to sit down and enjoy a flavorful meal, make sure to visit Los Mariachis in Nelsonville, particularly when you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican fare. Located at 99 Watkins Street in Nelsonville, Los Mariachis is open Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm and 11:00 am until 11:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays the doors are open between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm. Come on in and enjoy the colorful surroundings before ordering up everything from tacos and burritos to a house margarita.

Places to Visit in Ohio

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