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Wayne National Forest

The Hocking Hills, Ohio region has long been known for its many modern marvels that invite guests from near and far to come and enjoy everything from shopping and dining to spectacular entertainment too. However, it’s often the beauty of the landscape in this region that brings visitors back year after year. As a community, Hocking Hills has placed a great importance on striking a lovely balance between urban settings and natural wonders. It’s a diverse destination where it’s just as easy to enjoy the wonders of a tucked away waterfall as it is to enjoy an evening out on the town. When you’re visiting this area and looking for a place that combines the best of the Hocking Hills Community and outdoor adventure, make sure to put a visit to the Wayne National Forest at the top of your itinerary.

Ohio’s Premier National Forest

Nestled into the hills of southeastern Ohio, Wayne National Forest holds the prestigious title of Ohio’s only national forest making it an exclusive destination to experience. Covering nearly a quarter million acres of the Appalachian foothills, this area is home to a breathtaking number of creatures and plants. From wildflowers to trees, butterflies and beyond Wayne National Forest houses a number of intricate and thriving ecosystems that thrive under its protected status. A combination of lakes, rivers, and lush foliage gives Wayne National Forest the covering it requires to keep creatures of all kinds living comfortably in their natural habitats.

What to Do in Wayne National Forest

For those with a passion for lacing up their boots and hitting the ground in search of exciting destinations and encounters, Wayne National Forest provides over 300 miles of hiking trails waiting to be explored. Wayne National Forest also houses a sprawling campsite where those who are looking to make the most of an overnight park visit can set up the tent and enjoy the company of other campers as well. When you’re in the mood for venturing through Wayne National Forest in a more unique way, consider the many options to take to the trails on horseback or venture off-road with the help of an ATV. Guided tours are always available for these excursions upon request. However you decide to explore, Wayne National Forest is a destination in Hocking Hills that’s sure to thrill.

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Things to Do Nearby

While a journey through Wayne National Forest is sure to be as intriguing as it is impressive, Hocking Hills is a dynamic destination brimming over with opportunity for fun and excitement. When you’re hoping to create an itinerary that takes the absolute best of this entire area into account, be sure to add the following stops to your list and enjoy a stay that’s memorable from start to finish. Safe and reliable high-tech gear is issued to every laser tag participant at Hocking Hills Laser Tag and games are designed to be as fun as they are challenging.

Attractions Nearby

Whether you’ve spent the day exploring parks, making the most of ziplines or playing laser tag, when your appetite comes calling, Ridge Inn is the place to be. Located at 16178 Pike Street in Laurelville, Ridge Inn is a great place to enjoy everything from sandwiches and pasta to soup and salad upon request. Open daily from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm, Ridge Inn is a charming and cozy locale where a laid-back atmosphere comes with just the right touch of elegance. Contact 740-332-0300 for questions regarding large group reservations.

Hocking Hills Attractions

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