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Whispering Cave Trail

Capturing the essence of the Hocking Hills region is often about making time to get out and get into nature. You don’t have to be an experienced hiker to make the most of the many trails, pathways and routes Hocking Hills offers up. When you’re looking to make the most of a day spent immersed in the natural beauty that comes complete with encounters with caves, waterfalls, and wildlife, begin your Hocking Hills adventure with a trek along Whispering Cave Trail while you’re in town.

A Hilly Climb with a View

Some area experts refer to Whispering Cave Trail as the “forgotten route” as it sat dormant for much of the 1950s. However, with it’s reopening, Whispering Cave Trail has become one of the most popular that Hocking Hills hosts. Visitors looking for a tranquil time on the trail will want to head out in the early morning hours to avoid afternoon crowds. Whisper Cave Trail is a hilly 0.8-mile hike out and back that comes with scenery made for a picture book. The many landmarks along this path make it worth the effort. Guests who begin at the lodge trailhead will enjoy a trip that takes you over Hemlock Bridge, past Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls as well. Keep your eyes open for the many species of birds that call this area home and don’t forget your binoculars for the journey. Similarly, those with a passion for wildlife will find encounters are frequent and the flowers and foliage that dot the path are worth a second look.

Once you arrive to the Whispering Cave Trail in Hocking Hills, even more spectacular sights await. Sandstone walls form the foundation of an incredible recess that’s sure to capture the imagination. Linger in the cool of the cave or take time to give the winding set of wooden stairs a try for a new perspective on the many sights. A gentle cascade filters over the top of Whispering Cave and is enhanced if you happening to be hiking after a rainfall. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and enjoy a sense of seclusion that comes with a visit to one of nature’s best works of art and the trail that leads the way there.

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Things to Do Nearby

The vast majority of travelers headed to Hocking Hills in the name of a fantastic vacation are looking to expand on an already impressive list of potential adventures. While time on the Whispering Cave Trail in Hocking Hills is bound to be an inspiring moment that you won’t soon forget, there’s no reason not to add more to the day’s agenda. When you’re looking for some fun follow-ups to time spent trekking, be sure to add these stops to the list.

Hocking Hills Winery

It’s often the lush landscape that Hocking Hills offers up that draws visitors each and every year but within the landscape, the soil itself provides the path to Hocking Hills being a productive area for local wineries. Those visitors with a passion for pleasing the palate with a variety of red and white options as well as innovative takes on labels will love the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the Hocking Hills Winery. Located at 40302 Freeman Road in Logan, the Hocking Hills Winery is a fantastic place to come with family and friends for a day of touring the vineyard, enjoying a tasting session or two and asking the owners all there is to know about the production process! The location is beautiful and the service is always welcoming and friendly at Hocking Hills Winery. For questions, feel free to contact the team here at 740-385-7117.

Book Some Tranquil Time at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

Time spent hiking through Hocking Hills has a tendency to leave visitors with a few sore muscles to be attended to. When you’re looking forward to enjoying some time spent being pampered, head over to the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls for a fantastic session. Guests are free to book customized experiences ranging from friends packages to a single massage. This spa features a variety of services ranging from massage and skincare to bodyworks and detox. You’re sure to leave feeling your very best after time spent at this premier center for self-care. The spa is located at 21190 State Route 374 in Logan and reservations can be made in advance by calling 740-385-7489.

Attractions Nearby

Don’t miss the opportunity to swing through the unique Paul A. Johnson Pencil Museum at least once while you’re in town. This stop is free to the public and features a collection of over 3,000 pencil sharpeners collected over the course of 20 years. As colorful as it is captivating, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lingering longer than you originally planned. The museum is located at 13178 OH-664 in Logan and questions concerning the museum can be answered at 740-385-9706.

Enjoy the Best at The Whispering Cave Trail

Hocking Hills is a year-round destination that’s just as suited for solo travel as it is a place the entire family can enjoy. When you’re planning a trip this direction, the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges is here to help you find the exact accommodations you need. Contact us today for more details and book the best Hocking Hills lodging option for you!

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