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Captain Ron’s Pirate Pizza

Heading to Hocking Hills, Ohio is an exercise in making the most of outdoor adventure for the vast majority of travelers who head this direction. Between the discovery of hidden away caves, incredible hiking trails, and options for biking that are sure to thrill, Hocking Hills is an oasis of potential when it comes to having fun with friends and family in the great outdoors. While all of your Hocking Hills adventures are sure to inspire, there’s a good chance they’ll lead to an impressive appetite as well. When you’re ready to curb a craving and traditional favorites are on your mind, head over to Captain Ron’s Pirate Pizza and get ready to please the taste buds.

Family-Fun and Flavorful Choices

Captain Ron’s Pirate Pizza is located at 16757 Ohio 664-S in Logan and is open to the hungry and dining public Wednesdays through Sundays from 12:00 pm until 8:00 pm. This charming and inviting restaurant stop is found within a log cabin-inspired façade that comes complete with nautical-themed interior décor paired with vibrant red walls. Both indoor and outdoor seating options are readily available for guests while specials of the day are diligently kept up to date on a chalkboard filled in colorful hues. The friendly service at Captain Ron’s Pizza makes it a place families return to time and again while the menu selections are vast and varied, serving those with tastes of all types!

Menu Highlights to Enjoy

Pizza is definitely a highlight of a stop at Ron’s and the options range from traditional cheese and pepperoni selections to build your own options that might include toppings like mushrooms, green peppers, jalapenos or even anchovies. Cheese and garlic bread make for wonderful side options while those who are more in the mood for something like a sandwich will find Captain Ron’s Pizza offers up a wide variety of subs. Salads are also available for those who are looking to dine lean while a selection of hot dogs and chicken wings speak to those with a palate that loves traditional flavors. Top off your experience with homemade ice cream, a milkshake or Root Beer float to end your evening on a decidedly sweet note.

Nearby Attractions and Activities to Enjoy

A savory stop at Captain Ron’s Pirate Pizza is bound to be a palate-pleasing treat for everyone in the family. When outdoor adventure and fun has left you with a craving to curb, there’s no place better to find yourself. That being said, a stop at Captain Ron’s Pirate Pizza is also a great opportunity to check out the many nearby attractions and stops that are worth adding to your itinerary when you’re ready for the fun to continue on! Hocking Hills is a destination brimming over with options for exploration and time at Captain Ron’s Pirate Pizza is no exception to the rule. Consider making time for the following stops when you know you’ll be in the area.

Hocking Hills State Park

There’s nothing better than time spent out in nature when you’re visiting Hocking Hills. Whether you’re hoping to work up your appetite before heading over to Captain Ron’s Pirate Pizza or you can’t wait to burn off those extra calories after a delicious meal, this locale is far from the iconic Hocking Hills State Park. When it comes to amazing places to check out in the area, Hocking Hills State Park very much ranks at the top. Not only is this sprawling area of protected land as scenic as it is fun to explore, but it’s home to some of the area’s most intriguing caves around! When you head to Hocking Hills State Park, you’ll want to be sure to have your hiking boots laced up tight as a single trekking route can take you by incredible destinations such as Old Man’s Cave, which comes with a plethora of legends and history surrounding it, Ash Cave, which is the largest recess in the area and a sight to behold, or Cedar Falls, which is a cascade chaser’s dream come true! Making your way to Hocking Hills State Park promises to come with plenty of picturesque moments, so don’t forget to have your camera on hand for the journey.

Lake Logan

For those that find their Zen near the water, a stop at nearby Lake Logan is bound to inspire. This private lake can be viewed from a central bridge or visitors can settle in and make the most of the view from the shoreline. This is a non-fishing lake, so it’s truly about taking in the sights and really appreciating your surroundings. When you’ve had a big day and your meal at Captain Ron’s Pirate Pizza hit the spot, a stop at Lake Logan is often a welcome and peaceful stop to follow it all up.

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