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Gluten Free Restaurants in Hocking Hills

Having a restrictive diet can be difficult when traveling if you do not know where to look. Quiet Ohio towns such as Hocking Hills and Logan may be expected to not feature any restaurants that offer meals for alternative diets such as gluten-free friendly meals. Luckily, we know all about the Hocking Hills gluten free restaurants to make sure you know just where to go during your stay. Take a look at these gluten free restaurants in Hocking Hills: 

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Hocking Hills

When it comes to finding a restaurant that offers gluten-free options, it is more than just out of convenience. When someone is gluten-free, they may not be able to process gluten and will interfere with their digestion. Luckily, Hocking Hills gluten free restaurants offer different items that are friendly for those with celiac disease or just more prone to symptoms of it. Maya Burrito Co is one of the top takeout restaurants here in Logan. This local establishment serves up delicious Mexican food that rivals more contemporary sit-down restaurants. When you arrive at Maya Burrito Co, you will be reminded of big-name chains such as Chipotle and Qdoba. You order from the front counter and pick your meal option such as a bowl, burrito, nachos, and more. The gluten-free item on the menu is the rice bowl. The staff is typically knowledgeable about what toppings can be included for a gluten-free bowl. The rice bowls can include any option of protein such as chicken, steak, and more. Throw on some additional gluten-free toppings such as queso, pico de gallo, veggies, guacamole, and sour cream. Basically, you will just want to stick away from the gluten-included ingredients such as tortillas or chips. Visitors are able to enjoy a sit-down meal at Maya Burrito Co, order for takeout, or have it delivered to your vacation rental. Maya Burrito Co can be found at 12 E Main St in Logan. It is open daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM to satisfy your hunger. 

Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium  

Everyone needs that little jolt in the morning to be energized for another day of exploring Hocking Hills. Luckily, we have Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium close by to do the trick. They offer all of your favorite coffee beverages with plenty of alternative milk options too. While Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium is not your typical gluten-free restaurant but does offer a variety of gluten-free options. More specifically, Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium offers gluten-free pastries from a distant town that are provided each morning. Each of the items is kept in separate containers so there should not be any cross-contamination to occur. Each of the gluten-free options such as cupcakes and more will be fresh and absolutely delicious. Since Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium is not a dedicated gluten-free restaurant all visitors should be careful if they are prone to severe symptoms of celiac disease. You can find Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium located at 13984 OH-664 Scenic in Logan. Call 740-270-2697 to inquire with any questions.  

Pizza Crossing 

When it comes to enjoying a gluten-free meal, most people tend to stay away from Italian restaurants. However, some Italian restaurants have a gluten-free menu for you to choose from. Pizza Crossing is one of the area’s top Italian food restaurants and offers a gluten-free pizza to try out. They use their special gluten-free crust that can be subbed out for any regular pizza dish. You can still get any of the delicious pizza sauces, toppings, and cheeses that you are craving with the gluten-free substitute. The two gluten-free options for the crust include a gluten-free cauliflower crust and a regular gluten-free crust. Since Pizza Crossing is not a gluten-free establishment, there may be cross-contamination with gluten products in the kitchen. Make sure to ask your server to ensure your meal is completely gluten-free. Pizza Crossing can be found at 58 N Mulberry St in Logan. You can call ahead to place a to-go order at 740-385-8558. 

Millstone Southern Smoked BBQ 

Anyone following a gluten-free diet will tell you that BBQ is the way to go. Enjoy some slow-cooked meats at Millstone Southern Smoked BBQ. Their menu indicates all of the items that are gluten-free. Make sure to ask for sauces on the side as not all sauces may be gluten-free. There is even a gluten-free option for an adult beverage with the cider. Millstone Southern Smoked BBQ can be located at 12970 Grey St in Logan. Call 740-385-5341 to place your takeout order. 

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As you can see, we have quite a few places here in Hocking Hills that can serve you a gluten-free meal. Contact our team today to reserve a property for your stay! 

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