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Memorial Day in Hocking Hills

You can visit Hocking Hills practically at any time of the year and experience new and wonderful. We live in one of the most beautiful destinations in the state of Ohio and welcome anyone for a memorable vacation getaway. Many families enjoy using the Memorial Day holiday weekend each year to kick off their summer plans and travel somewhere new. Memorial Day Weekend is a perfect time of year to see Hocking Hills for the first or even 10th time as the weather is nice and warm and many outdoor activities are open for the season. Take a look at Hocking Hills things to do this weekend for Memorial Day!

Hocking Hills State Park

It would not be a visit to Hocking Hills without a stop by Hocking Hills State Park. This local park is a massive outdoor area that features seven distinct hiking areas with beautiful views. These areas include Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, Cedar Falls, Conkle’s Hollow, Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, and Hemlock Bridge to Whispering Cave. Overall, you will have access to over 25 miles of different hiking trails that will lead you past incredible sights such as waterfalls, flowing creeks and streams, sandstone formations, natural bridges, and recessed caverns. Hocking Hills State Park is never closed, including on Memorial Day Weekend. You can hit the trails as early as dawn which is highly recommended for Memorial Day. This holiday weekend is a busy travel season for most travel destinations including Hocking Hills. In order to see the trails without big crowds, try to get to the park right as it opens. You will find that enjoying the hiking trails without a crowd is the best way to experience Hocking Hills State Park. With so much space to explore you may want to visit the park more than once over the weekend.

Hit the Wineries

Memorial Day in Ohio is not just about the family-friendly activities in the area. Let the adults have a little fun by visiting any of the local wineries or taprooms in the area. Ohio has a growing wine industry that is fueled by the unique grapes grown in the region. Stop by Manchester Hill Winery for their selection of handcrafted wines and hard ciders. This family-owned business has been open since 2011 and is a favorite within the Hocking Hills community. Another great option to visit during your stay in Hocking Hills is Le Petit Chevalier Vineyards and Farm Winery. This family-owned vineyard grows native classic and hybrid grapes for other wine producers in the region. Le Petit Chevalier also features an onsite winery that produces some local favorites. Enjoy a tasting flight or grab a glass of your favorite wine style. Some of the best grapes grown in Ohio are found here. Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to visit any of these taprooms as you can enjoy the outdoor weather as you enjoy your wine. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle or two for your Memorial Day vacation rental in Ohio!

Go on a Zipline Adventure

Take advantage of the beautiful outdoors around Memorial Day in Ohio and try out zip lining. This thrilling outdoor activity will have you slinging down rope courses up in the treetops. Valley Zipline Tours is one of the most popular zipline companies in the area and for good reason. You can enjoy the 11 different zip line courses they have along with three long courses that feature lines over 1,000 feet long each. You can even try your hand at the racing zip line where you can race a friend or family member to the end of the course. Don’t miss out on this exciting activity!

Ride the Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad

One of the most fascinating activities to enjoy around Hocking Hills is the Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad located in our neighboring city of Nelsonville. This scenic train ride will take you on an excursion throughout Ohio. You can catch the Memorial Day Train this Memorial Day which will take you on a two-hour train ride. You will ride along the historic Hocking River Valley and pass through Haydenville. Additional sights along the way include Hocking Canal locks, Hocking River, and the rolling hills of Hocking River Valley. There are plenty of additional train ride options as well to enjoy so pick out which one seems more entertaining to you. The Memorial Day Train Ride starts at $21 per adult and $16 per child.

Enjoy These Hocking Hills Things to Do This Weekend for Memorial Day

You can enjoy these exciting activities and many more when you visit Hocking Hills for Memorial Day Weekend. As mentioned, this holiday weekend is a popular travel time so make sure to hit up popular attractions in the area early on in the day.

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