3-Day Hocking Hills Getaway

3-Day Hocking Hills Getaway

Whenever you are planning for the perfect vacation getaway, you cannot go wrong with a stay here in Hocking Hills. Our Hocking Hills vacation destination is the perfect place for a stay of any length. If you do not have a full week to experience everything that Hocking Hills has to see, fret not. Hocking Hills has plenty for you to see in just three short days, should you know how to plan your time. Take a look at what a three-day Hocking Hills getaway can look like for you:

Day 1 of Your Hocking Hills Getaway

Get started on your three-day journey with a high-flying adventure here in Hocking Hills. This Hocking Hills vacation destination has plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy, including zip line tours. If you have never enjoyed a zip line tour before, you will be in for quite the treat. Zip lining has you taking a zip line through the tree line canopy for a high-flying adventure. Zip lining is perfect for individuals of all ages and is completely safe. Hocking Hills has a variety of companies to choose from too, including Valley Zipline Tours, Ultimate Zipline Adventures, and Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. Some of these companies will let you book your zip line adventure in advance, which is especially important for the busier summer season. Don’t miss out on this exciting fun!

You are sure to be hungry after your zip line fun, so make sure to enjoy a hearty dinner. Jack’s Steak House is the perfect family-friendly restaurant that will fill you up with their made-to-order steaks and tasty sides. There are nightly specials and plenty of beer to order too. There is something for everyone at Jack’s Steak House!

Day 2

The second day of your Hocking Hills journey is best spent by spending the day exploring Hocking Hills State Park. This local park is easily the biggest draw to the area and should be seen by everyone. Hocking Hills State Park is divided up into several different areas each with something unique to see. Visitors will be able to traverse relatively easy hiking trails that will take you past waterfalls, rivers and streams, recess caverns, and natural sandstone structures. Hocking Hills State Park can be enjoyed during all times throughout the year as well. The spring season has the water flowing at its highest while the summer offers plenty of beautiful weather. The winter season brings something unique as the streams and waterfalls are frozen in place for beautiful views. The wildlife will also be out checking out the area too. Each trail is connected by a paved path allowing those in wheelchairs to see many of the beautiful views too. Experiencing Hocking Hills State Park is a must-see journey here in the area!

For dinner, there is no place quite as great as Urban Grille. This local eatery has everything you want for dinner. The vast menu includes local favorites such as hamburgers, sandwiches, BBQ, seafood and much more. We highly recommend enjoying your meal out on the outdoor patio during the warmer months of the year. Urban Grille is the top restaurant for high-quality and elegant food, but in a casual setting.

Day 3

Now that you have had two days of exciting activities, it is time to kick back and relax here in Hocking Hills. The area features many different ways to relax outdoors, including fishing. This is one of the area’s most popular pastimes, and you can join in on all of the fun as well. Visitors should be aware of Ohio’s state laws associated with fishing beforehand. You can easily pick up all of the equipment and gear you need, including fishing licenses from local bait shops. Typical gear that is often needed for a successful fishing voyage include reels, rods, lines, and bait. If you feel confident in fishing on your own without a guide, you will find plenty of places to try it out. This includes Lake Logan State Park and Lake Hope State Park. Stop by Lake Logan Marina where you can snag a boat rental to cruise around the water with. If you do want a guide look no further than Ohio Belly Boat Fishing for whole-day and half-day treks to find the best spots to reel in a trophy from.

Your final meal of the trip to Hocking Hills should be special, so stop by Rhapsody for an experience like no other. This fine dining establishment offers casual prices and a warm ambiance inside. The live piano music adds the perfect touch too!

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As you can see, a three-day excursion to Hocking Hills is all you need. Follow this step-by-step guide for a quick and exciting trip to the area!

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