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Start a Journey for Hiking in Hocking Hills

Whenever most individuals start planning for their next adventure getaway to Hocking Hills they are most likely looking forward to some incredible outdoor activities. The area is known for the Hocking Hills State Park and many other outdoor attractions. With such places comes some incredible hiking opportunities for you to take advantage of. Take a look at how you can plan for exciting hiking in Hocking Hills journey right here:

Old Man’s Cave

Hocking Hills State Park has a total of seven different areas that encompass over 25 miles of hiking trails. Each of these areas have something unique to see so making the trek through each of them is highly recommended. One of the most popular areas in the park is Old Man’s Cave. The trail is approximately 1.5 miles and is a one-way loop that will take you back to the beginning. The trail has two different paths one that will take you down a shorter route and is perfect for beginners; the second trail will follow a steep incline that will have you see the Lower Falls in person. There are several different points of interest along the trails that are sure to peak your own. The Upper Falls can be seen from a paved walkway that is accessible by wheelchairs. The Devil’s Bathtub is a unique formation that sinks into the ground; a rock bridge takes you over the sunken hole that is perfect for those who are not afraid of heights. There are also features smaller trails that will take you to more secluded areas so you can avoid larger crowds during peak travel seasons.

Cedar Falls

Another extremely popular trail found in Hocking Hills State Park is Cedar Falls. This hiking area is named after the seasonal waterfall that can be seen half through the trail during the spring, winter, and autumn seasons. The path itself is only ½ mile long but will take you up strenuous elevation gains with steps. The one-way trail system has you meeting up with several different rock formations and bridges along the way. The trail takes around 40 minutes to complete and is recommended only for those who hike regularly and are physically fit. Visitors are not allowed to go swimming or wading into the creeks or waterfalls.

Conkle’s Hollow

For an even more adventurous hike that will reward trekkers with incredible views can be found at Conkle’s Hollow. Specifically, the Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve is an extension of the state park and offers two different trails for you to explore. The Lower Trail leads those who take the hike on a paved ¾ mile trail. This trail only takes about an hour to complete and is wheelchair accessible from start to finish. You will find small recess caves at the bottom along with a boardwalk. The Upper Trail is for those who wish to do some more rigorous exploration and will have you take a two-mile hike up the mountain. This trail is recommended only for physically fit hikers who do not have health issues. The trail has a steep incline, 100-foot cliff drops, uneven steps, and overall steep terrain. Due to the steep incline of the trail dogs are not permitted on it unlike the other trails in the Hocking Hills State Park where they are. Hikers will be rewarded with sweeping views of the entire state park from the very top so make sure to bring your camera phone to get a pic or two; it’s one of the best hikes in Hocking Hills!

Cantwell Cliffs

The most remote location in all of Hocking Hills State Park can be found in the Cantwell Cliffs area. This gorgeous area is on the far side of the park and features a rugged one-way loop in and out of the area. The trail splits off into two separate loops each being a mile in length. You will be hiking in Hocking Hills along with beautiful sandstone cliffs that will also you take alongside recess caves. This particular area is especially known for the cliff views along with beautiful wildflowers that grow just off the trails. Since this is the most remote location in the park it is often quiet with the exception of weekends during heavy travel seasons. Overall, Cantwell Cliffs feature less rigorous paths for those to explore making it a must see for everyone in the family.

Your Hiking Guide to Hocking Hills

As you can see, there are plenty of unique hiking trails and areas found inside Hocking Hills State Park. While there are plenty of additional spots to explore these several areas some of the most popular and come with the best views. Make the most of your hiking excursion by booking one of our vacation cabins in the area. You will have access to fine amenities to keep you comfortable all stay long.

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