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Hocking Hills Stuff to Do During a Guys’ Getaway

Whether it is to celebrate a special occasion such as a bachelor party or if you just want to get away, traveling with your guy friends is always a blast, especially when it is to Hocking Hills. Our travel destination is the perfect place for the guys to bond and have a great time exploring the region. Hocking Hills offers a variety of outdoor attractions and plenty of places in town to grab a bite or drink. Hocking Hills is always best when it is with close friends, enjoying all the fun things to do near Hocking Hills, Ohio, so take a look at how your guys’ journey can look like:

Explore Hocking Hills State Park

It should go without saying that any guys’ trip to the Hocking Hills needs to include a visit to Hocking Hills State Park. This local park is the primary reason why Hocking Hills exists and is a top destination in the entire state of Ohio. Hocking Hills State Park features over 25 miles of different hiking trails that can be explored. Guests will find these trails exploring incredible outdoor attractions such as recess caverns, waterfalls, and incredible rock formations. Hocking Hills State Park is split up into seven distinct areas each with its own hiking area. These areas include Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Cantwell Cliffs, Conkle’s Hollow, Rock House, Old Man’s Cave, and Hemlock Bridge Trail. The trails can vary from beginner to moderate difficulty so you can find a trail perfect for your group. The main trail that connects each park area is paved allowing wheelchairs to enter the park too. Hocking Hills State Park is open daily from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM and is the highlight of the Hocking Hills region.

Night Out with Drinks

The guys can hit the town as they say when they stop by Logan, the local town by Hocking Hills. Logan features a variety of different taverns, pubs, and Hocking Hills stuff to do that are sure to provide an exciting night of drinks and laughs. Home Tavern is a local favorite that makes you feel right at home. Grab a pint of beer or have them make your favorite cocktail. Hunter Street Saloon is another local favorite that offers additional space with its two bars inside. If you are in the mood for something Irish, make sure you stop by Shamrock Irish Pub. You can grab your favorite Irish whiskey and enjoy your evening. There are plenty of other spots in town to hit up for your guys’ journey. Always make sure to not drink and drive and grab a ride whenever possible.

Guys Dinner

Logan is also the best part nearby to find a relaxing meal for you and the guys. There are a variety of restaurants providing different cuisine types. You cannot go wrong with some delicious Ohio BBQ found at Millstone Southern Smoked BBQ. You will find that their meats are smoked for over 15 hours making their extremely juicy and tender. Expect to find favorite BBQ dishes such as pulled pork, chicken, brisket, sausage, and much more. If you are in the mood for pizza, look no further than Pizza Crossing Logan. This casual eatery has all of your favorite Italian dishes including pasta and of course pizza. Each pizza is made to order and features a healthy dose of cheese, sauce, and toppings for a gooey bite every time. Pizza Crossing Logan is the perfect spot to catch a sports game as they have multiple TVs along with plenty of beer to choose from. These are just a few of the restaurants nearby so there is always something new to try out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day.

Go Ziplining

You and the guys may have a need for thrills during your journey to Hocking Hills so satisfy that urge with a zip lining experience with Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. This local zip line company offers several different zip line courses that take you high up into the treetops as you slide down at elevated speeds. Zip liners will be able to see a bird’s eye view of the area giving you a secret look into the Hocking Hills region. Additional zip line offerings include Valley Zipline Tours that provide exciting and also educational experiences of their farm. For ever more incredible views, check out Soaring Cliffs, a new zip line company that offers zip line experiences over beautiful rock formations. Any of these local companies will be sure to make the most of your need for thrills in Hocking Hills.

Your Guys’ Journey to Hocking Hills Stuff to Do is Now Complete

These are just a few of the many ways to experience your guys’ trip, and all the fun things to do near Hocking Hills, Ohio. Start booking for your journey today by reserving one of our vacation cabins in the area. You will have fine amenities to ensure a comfortable stay every night.

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