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Pet Friendly Vacations in Ohio’s Hocking Hills

Heading to Hocking Hills is an experience that’s bound to be exciting-particularly when you’re the type that vacations with the intent of enjoying a variety of outdoor adventures. Hocking Hills provides visitors with access to a dynamic landscape complete with waterfalls, caves, forests and more that are begging to be explored. The only thing better than a trip this direction with family and friends is one with your pet by your side. When you’re seeking out a vacation destination that comes with pet-friendly appeal, Hocking Hills is the place to be! Read on to see how you can enjoy pet friendly getaways in Ohio when you come to Hocking Hills!

Day 1: Old Man’s Cave Trail

Visitors to Hocking Hills who are looking to enjoy landmark sites won’t want to miss a chance for an encounter with Old Man’s Cave. Fortunately, getting there is half the fun! Grab a leash and let your dog enjoy this excursion too when you head out for a trek along Old Man’s Cave Trail within the greater Hocking Hills State Park. Extending just over half a mile, this trail is a moderately difficult hike that provides plenty of opportunities to observe wildflowers, wildlife and fantastic foliage and rock formations along the way. Any trip to Hocking Hills should include a visit to Old Man’s Cave, even pet friendly getaways in Ohio!

Hocking Hills State Park
21725 OH-374 Scenic
Logan, OH 43138

Day 2: Hocking Hills Canoe Livery

While renting a canoe at the Hocking Hills Canoe Livery has long been a favorite pastime amongst Hocking Hills human guests, it’s just as fun for canines! Dogs are more than welcome to jump aboard when you book a sightseeing tour or afternoon on the water. Enjoy the scenic and tranquil beauty of the river while paddling along as your own pace or with a guide. No matter how you take to the water, you’re sure to make some fun family memories.

Hocking Hills Canoe Livery
12789 SR 664 South,
Logan, OH 43138

Day 3: Millstone BBQ

After a day of fun and exploration in Hocking Hills, sometimes some savory BBQ just hits the spot. Look no further than a meal enjoyed at Millstone BBQ in Logan when you have an appetite to satisfy. This delicious stop is known for its laid-back atmosphere and friendly service and as an added benefit, dogs are more than welcome to enjoy mealtime on the patio as well. Pet friendly vacations to Ohio should always include delicious food for both pets and owners!

Millstone BBQ
12790 Grey St.
Logan, OH 43138

Additional Pet-Friendly Opportunities to Enjoy in Hocking Hills

While planning out ideal pet friendly vacations Ohio itinerary for your Hocking Hills journey is a good idea, there are plenty of one-off activities to be enjoyed alongside your four-legged friend whenever the time is right. Sprinkle in a few of these stops along the way any day of your stay to round out your experience and elevate the fun to the next level of excellence!

When you happen to be in Hocking Hills State Park, extending your trip to Old Man’s Cave can be made possible with a trip to nearby Ash Cave. Not only is this natural stone recess one of the most impressive in the area, it also holds the title as one of the area’s largest. Just taking in the view is often enough, but those that are traveling to Hocking Hills with a passion for photography won’t want to miss the chance to capture the many angles this cave offers up at different times of the day. It’s a great place to stop and enjoy a picnic lunch as well or simply savor the sights before moving on along one of the many trails this area links up with.

Lake Hope State Park is another landmark well-worth exploring alongside your canine companion when you’re visiting Hocking Hills. This scenic stop encompasses 2,983 acres of land and incorporates the Zaleski State Forest as well. Many visitors come this way to take in the forested surroundings, capture photographs or bird spot along the trails. If you happen to have a heart for history, take some time to trek along the Hope Furnace Trail which offers of 3 miles of pathway to discover and explore at your own pace.

If hitting the trails with your pooch is a highlight of any trip, The Fairfield Heritage Trail is another good trek to add to the list. This is just one of a collection of rail trails through the area that are now supported by a conservancy and provide a scenic and tranquil route to explore. You’ll want to make sure you’re pet is leashed, but the view and the peaceful surroundings are well worth enjoying while you’re in town.

When you’re in the mood for fine south of the border cuisine during your travels, Los Amigos in Logan is a great option. Serving up Tex-Mex alongside authentic Mexican fare, Los Amigos provides a fun and vibrant atmosphere to enjoy everything from house tacos to tamales paired with a margarita. Los Amigos comes with the added benefit of hosting an outdoor patio where dogs are welcome too!

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