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Socially Distanced Hocking Hills Vacation

Travel in 2020 has looked significantly different than in years past and going forward, it’s likely that excursions to exciting destinations may need to be slightly modified in the name of health and safety. For those travelers that have their sights set on the beautiful destination of Hocking Hills in the near future, the beauty of a socially distanced journey lies in nature itself. Hocking Hills is a place where restaurants, shops, and options for entertainment abound, but when you’re looking to plan a trip that revolves around keeping far from the crowds, be sure to turn to the great outdoors to make for an unforgettable and safe Hocking Hills vacation.

Hike to Old Man’s Cave

One of the great draws of a trip to Hocking Hills is the chance to hike to and explore a variety of hidden away caves that are sure to inspire. Of all of these underground recesses, Old Man’s Cave comes with the most mysterious appeal thanks to the legends and historical figures of the past that once called this cave home. Consider hiking to Old Man’s Cave the next time you’re in town during the early morning hours to avoid the crowds and enjoy off the beaten path experiences that keep you close to nature and history. Located off of State Route 664, Old Man’s Cave can be accessed by upper and lower falls trails and comes with the added bonus of a cascade to capture the mind and imagination.

Explore Ash Cave

You don’t have to travel far from Old Man’s Cave to reach the area’s largest underground recess. In fact, hikers can stick to the very same trail that took them to Old Man’s Cave and simply continue onward to come face to face with an impressive and breathtaking sight in the form of Ash Cave. Situated in the southern corner of Hocking Hills State Park, Ash Cave is a must-see destination for any traveler making their way this direction and hoping to encounter a natural landmark that’s truly inspiring. A narrow gorge dotted with hemlocks leads the way to the entrance of Ash Cave, creating a dynamic view that is well-loved amongst photographers.

In the summer months, this path also comes to life in the color of surrounding wildflowers making for an even more vibrant and eye-catching scene. The gorge itself is about a quarter-mile in length and opens up to reveal the cave entrance and a massive overhanging ledge. While the view will thrill, the dimensions of Ash Cave speak for themselves. At 700 feet from end to end and more than 100 feet deep guests enjoy a sweeping sight that includes a rim rising 90 feet into the air with a small cascade tumbling over the edge.

Learning the history of Ash Cave can be a socially-distanced adventure in and of itself. Legend has it that the name of the cave came from a discovery of a massive pile of ashes found by early settlers in the area just within the cave’s entrance. The ash pile has been recorded as measuring as much as 100 feet long and 30 feet wide. Most believe that this pile is the result of centuries of Native Tribes building fires in the area and in this way, was a sort of time capsule. In more modern times, the cave was used as a resting place for travelers making their way through the area as well as a meeting place and gathering point as the area began to be established.

Fish Lake Logan

First opened in 1955 as a prime recreational destination, today, Lake Logan is one of the best spots in all of Hocking Hills to remove yourself from the crowds and enjoy a day of casting a line on the water. Situated in Logan, this lake is brimming over with a variety of species that are worth trying to reel in from bluegill and catfish to norther pike and beyond. Surrounded by towering oak trees, Lake Logan is also a great place to pack up a picnic lunch and enjoy an open-air meal.

Get Out on the Waters of Rose Lake

When you’re more the type of traveler that’s up for enjoying time on the water without an agenda, jumping in a kayak or canoe and enjoying time on Rose Lake is sure to please. Sometimes referred to as Fisherman’s Lake, this spacious reservoir is part of Hocking Hills State Park and sits between Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls.

Book with High Rock Adventures

Hocking Hills is known for its stunning rock formations and cliffsides, ideal for those that love to gear up and climb or rappel their way through a vacation. For those trips when you need to stay rather isolated but don’t want to miss the climb, consider booking a private climbing trip through High Rock Adventures. This is a particularly good idea for those that are new to the sport and are looking to expand their horizons but can be equally helpful for advanced climbers looking for new and exciting routes.

Savor the Stay

No matter when you arrive in Hocking Hills, the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges is on hand to help you book just the right accommodations for your stay. Reach out to our team today to learn more and to start planning your next Hocking Hills vacation!

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