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Weekend Journey to Hocking Hills

If you are looking to make the most of a weekend getaway, look no further than Hocking Hills. It is true that Hocking Hills is the top Ohio destination for those looking to get an outdoor adventure in for the weekend. Planning a Hocking Hills weekend getaway can be difficult if you do not know where to look. Let us help with your planning for your upcoming weekend journey to Hocking Hills:

Hocking Hills State Park

Perhaps the biggest draw to Hocking Hills is the Hocking Hills State Park located in the area. This is no ordinary state park, as it encompasses over 2,300 acres of beautiful, forested terrain. The park is split up into multiple sections of hiking trails and views. The park is open from sun up to sun down, which can be more than enough time to get in several miles of hiking. Each of the hiking trails is designed as a one-way trail, so visitors will not be tripping over others who are heading in the opposite direction. Visitors are also allowed to bring well behaved and leashed dogs onto most of the trails; some trails have signage noting if dogs are not permitted. There are seven main trailhead areas that most visitors come to see. These areas include Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Old Man’s Cave, Whispering Cave, Conkle’s Hollow, Cantwell Cliffs, and Rock House. Trails will take you in and around incredible features such as waterfalls, cascading streams, and sandstone gulches. Recess caverns can be explored and offer a look underneath the ground. Natural stone bridges show off the incredible preservation of the area. The main trail connecting each area is paved, making it wheelchair friendly. There is no shortage of fun when exploring Hocking Hills State Park. Most visitors can explore the entirety of the park over a weekend with two visits to the park needed to see everything.

Fishing Around Hocking Hills

Another popular outdoor activity in the Hocking Hills area is fishing. Hocking Hills is nearby lakes such as Rose Lake, a reservoir that is often used for camping and fishing. It is located just outside of Old Man’s Cave in the state park. Visitors can find a variety of fish in the lake, including largemouth bass, crappie, and rainbow trout. Since it is a serene experience by the lake, swimming is not permitted. You can find plenty of fishing gear at local suppliers such as Down’s Bait & Gun and Adventure Pro Store. Additional areas to fish at include Lake Logan, which has its own private marina where you can rent boats. You can also book a charter in the area with Ohio Belly Boat Fishing to really make use of your time over the weekend.

Where to Eat

Make use of your limited Hocking Hills getaway by enjoying a meal or two at the many restaurants in the area. Hocking Hills is a quaint town with many family-owned restaurants in the area. You will find the perfect steak when you stop in Jack’s Steak House for dinner. Enjoy a cocktail with your meal or grab a glass of wine. Speaking of wine, Hocking Hills Winery is a local favorite that produces wine with locally foraged grapes. These grapes offer a unique flavor profile found nowhere else. Visit the tasting room to try out a tasting flight or bring back a bottle or two of your favorite vintages. Hocking Hills Diner has everything you need for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the area. Classic plates and comfort food will be able to fill you up in no time. Enjoy a Mexican meal at La Cascada Mexican Restaurant. Pair your enchilada with an ice-cold margarita. Rhapsody is a culinary treat that partners with the local culinary institute so chefs in training can perfect the art. Don’t worry, as each meal is exquisitely put together and will always be delicious.

Explore the Museums and Studios

Hocking Hills also features a variety of local unique attractions. There are a few quirky museums in the area that feature some interesting artifacts. The Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum has exactly what you think it does – pencil sharpeners. They have the largest collection of pencil sharpeners on the planet. You can also check out Jack Pine Studio for some incredible artwork. Additional museums in the area include the Hocking County Historical Society & Museum and the Sherman House & Georgian Museums. There is so much history to explore here in Hocking Hills.

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