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Top 5 Hocking Hills Tourist Attractions in Ohio

Whenever you visit a new destination, you may find the urge to check out all of the local hot spots that made the destination famous in the first place. Hocking Hills has many incredible attractions that provide an incredible time to most visitors who stop in the area. Here are our picks for the top five Hocking Hills tourist attractions in Ohio:

Old Man’s Cave

When you book a trip to Hocking Hills you will most likely find yourself stopping by the Hocking Hills State Park. This is the biggest and most popular attraction in the entire area. Once inside, you will find a variety of trails and areas to explore. Old Man’s Cave is known to all of the locals around Hocking Hills and is always one of the top tourist attractions in Ohio. This cave involves the rich history of the area and features multiple bridges and tunnels to get there. The approximate 1-mile hike will lead you to some incredible waterfalls and rock formations that can only be found here. The trail itself is moderate in difficult and should not take most hikers more than half an hour to complete. The trails found inside the Hocking Hills State Park including the trail to Old Man’s Cave is dog friendly for those on leashes.

Cedar Falls Hiking Trail

Another popular trail found inside the Hocking Hills State Park is the one leading up to Cedar Falls. Hocking Hills features some of the finest hiking and outdoor scenery in all of Ohio. Another top tourist hot spot is Cedar Falls Hiking Trail. The trail is simple enough for individuals of all ages to come out and explore the area. Similar to the trail found at Old Man’s Cave, the trail to Cedar Falls is moderate in difficulty and takes approximately a half hour for most hikers to complete. Stop by during the spring to see the waterfall flowing at its most or stop by in the winter to see a frozen winter wonderland as the water is at a standstill. You can go swimming under the water falls or simply take your time with pictures of the area. There is no wrong way to spend your time here!

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

If you are looking for the perfect area to enjoy some paved biking trails look no further than Hockhocking Adena Bikeway. There are miles upon miles of paved trails that are best explored on bike giving your family an exciting group outing. Grab a few rental bikes from in town and get to exploring!

See a Show at Stuart’s Opera House

The best place in town to catch a live show of some kind is always at Stuart’s Opera House. This local opera house is found just down the street from Hocking Hills in Nelsonville. This historic building features a variety of unique shows throughout the year and is always popular. Catch a live performance from a local band or a traveling symphony. You will be blown away from the acoustics and stage presence at this local hot spot. Performances can also include stand-up comedians or more unique offerings such as local performances. Tickets are always available in advance and sometimes at the door. Call 740-753-1924 to see what performances are currently on the schedule exclusively at Stuart’s Opera House.

Hocking Hills Winery

Grab a glass of your favorite wine when you make a stop in at Hocking Hills Winery. This local winery has been operating since 2013 and uses locally foraged grapes for all their vintages. The region in Hocking Hills allow a special varietal of grape to be grown that is available nowhere else. This allows the wines produced at Hocking Hills Winery to be truly unique from anything you have ever tried before. Glass a tasting flight or enjoy wine by the glass. The warmer summer season is the perfect time to try out one of their wine slushies for the first time that mixes in real fruit. Make sure you do not over indulge yourself at Hocking Hills Winery without eating. Their menu features a variety of food items including meat and cheese boards, veggie patters, winery medley, and much more. These items can easily be shared amongst your table or enjoyed on their own. Hocking Hills Winery also allows guests to bring in outside food during your visit. Local restaurants such as Hungry Buffalo and Urban Grille are a short drive away and may even offer delivery services. If you have anyone in your party who is not a wine fan, they can always order a pint of domestic or local beer or stick with draft soda. Don’t forget to grab a bottle or two of your favorite wines to take back to your vacation rental in Hocking Hills!

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