Top 5 Local Hocking Hills Shops in Ohio

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When visiting a new spot such as Hocking Hills, you may want to spend your downtime exploring the many local shops in the area. Hocking Hills has plenty of locally owned shops for you to check out to find the perfect gift to bring back home. Best of all, supporting these local shops also supports the Hocking Hills community. Take a look at the top five local Hocking Hills shops in Ohio.

Old Man’s Cave General Store

Old Man’s Cave is one of the top attractions found in the Hocking Hills State Park. However, you can also find plenty of unique goods nearby at the Old Man’s Cave General Store. Find the perfect Old Man’s Cave themed gift to take back home to a loved one. This little shop also has plenty for you to prepare for a hike in the area too such as food and drinks.

The Hocking Hills Store

There is no better Hocking Hills themed shop to check out than the Hocking Hills Store here in the city. This little shop has everything you need Hocking Hill related. Grab a bumper sticker or peruse their selection of handmade items. You can’t go wrong with anything you purchase there.

Wind Chime Shop

Finding handmade gifts is always a joy here in Hocking Hills. One of our favorite spots for shopping in Ohio is Wind Chime Shop where you can find dozens of unique wind chimes. These are great as a gift for yourself back home or for a loved one waiting for you to get back from your trip. Make sure to have plenty of room in your luggage!

Logan Antique Mall

If you are looking for a selection of fine antiques, look no further than Logan Antique Mall. This spacious store has plenty of space and shelves to explore at your leisure. You can easily lose track of time as you explore everything being offered.

Sharff’s Fashion

Ladies, you are in luck as Sharff’s Fashion is in town and open for all of your fashion needs. Come explore this local shop that features a variety of women’s clothing. Several brands are always offered, and the employees are ready to help with a smile on their face. Don’t pass up on this incredible fashion store here in Hocking Hills.

Enjoy Shopping in Ohio and More

As you can see, there is no shortage to local shops in Ohio to choose from. Reserve one of our vacation rentals today and get ready for Hocking Hills!