Top 5 Spots for Gorgeous Hocking Hills, Ohio Views

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If there is one thing you are practically guaranteed when visiting Hocking Hills, it is that you will find gorgeous views all around you. The Hocking Hills State Park is a hidden gem and features unbelievable views you have to see to believe. Take a look at the top five spots for gorgeous Hocking Hills, Ohio views below.

Conkle’s Hollow

Hocking Hills State Park features several different gorges that have formed in the ground providing deep trails to explore. One of the more popular gorges include Conkle’s Hollow that offers a paved path that leads among many different cliffs and rock formations. A small steam can be seen down below that trails along beside you. The Lower and Upper Trails are several miles long and the Upper Trail ends at a majestic waterfall.

Cedar Falls

Another exciting spots deep in the Hocking Hills State Park is Cedar Falls. This local trail is just a half mile long and is easy to navigate. Visitors will be able to take in incredible views of grotto and waterfalls. Cedar Falls is often considered the best waterfall in the area, so do not forget your camera when visiting!

Ash Cave

More great Hocking Hills, Ohio sightseeing can be found at the most southern point of Hocking Hills State Park at Ash Cave. This area features several short trails that are adjacent to the gorge. The rim features rocky cliff sides that are perfect for experienced rock climbers to explore. Regardless of where you are at around Ash Cave do not forget to take a peek in the deep caverns themselves!

Cantwell Cliffs

Perhaps one of the more sought-after sights around Hocking Hills is found deep within Hocking County at Cantwell Cliffs. This remote scenic area can be difficult to reach but more than makes up for it with terrific views. You will be surrounded by the beautiful forest scenery and rocky cliffs that the area is known for. Visitors can be a look at “Fat Woman’s Squeeze,” a narrow passage that has eroded over the years leaving this narrow passageway.

Rock House

Visit the only “real” cave in Hocking Hills State Park over at Rock House. This corridor of sandstone cliffs features 25-foot ceilings and is approximately 200 feet long. It gets its name from the appearance of “windows” deep within the rocks making the cave appear as a house. This local cave is a must see when visiting Hocking Hills!

Enjoy Your Ohio Sightseeing Journey

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