Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions in Hocking Hills, Ohio

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When it comes to planning a vacation getaway, you will see that it is easy to find major attractions in the area, but you may miss out on some lesser-known spots. Take a break from the ordinary and find some under the radar attractions that will provide exciting outings without giant crowds. Here are our top five under the radar attractions in Hocking Hills, Ohio:

Hocking Hills State Park

While a name like Hocking Hills State Park might suggest it to be a major attraction, many skip out on the opportunity to visit. It is a shame since this local park is a beautiful paradise full of flowing streams, hiking and horseback riding trails, and plenty of green scenery. One can easily spend several days exploring the Hocking Hills State Park.

Hemlock Bridge Trail

One of the new additions to the Hocking Hills area in recent years is the Hemlock Bridge Trail. This unique trail is given its name from the swinging bridge that accompanies it. The views are second to none and are worth the trip up the hill.

Logan Antique Mall

You can find a unique souvenir for your travels to Hocking Hills when you stop by the Logan Antique Mall. This local attraction features a variety of locally owned shops that offer various wares for you to purchase. There is nothing quite like taking a home a little piece of Hocking Hills whenever you come visit for the first time!

Hocking Hills KOA

If you are traveling with small children, you will need plenty of activities to keep them engaged during your trip. Hocking Hills KOA is a local attraction that will let you and your family “mine” for gold right in the area. The admission inside is free with the only thing you pay for is the mining kit. Now talk about some fun for everyone!

Ash Cave

Most of the popular trails inside Hocking Hills State Park are the ones that take you off the main path and into the wilderness. These types of trails may not be for everyone, including those in strollers or walkers. Let everyone join in on the fun by visiting Ash Cave. This local cave has a paved trail that lets the whole family join in on the fun seeing waterfalls and recessed caves. Ash Cave is also open all year round, so there is never a bad time to visit.

Live Like a Local in Hocking Hills

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