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Check Out The Top 5 Hiking Trails in Hocking Hills

Visitors to Hocking Hills come from all over the world to see the incredible natural beauty of the area. One of the best ways to see the outdoor scenic areas in Hocking Hills is to enjoy some hiking. Traversing along trails lets you spend some time outdoors and get a sense of adventure. Naturally there are always some hiking trails in Hocking Hills that are more popular than others. Fortunately, most of these trails are close together, as they can be found within the Hocking Hills State Park. Here are our top 5 hiking trails that you can enjoy exclusively in Hocking Hills:

Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls

The first of our top trails can be found in Hocking Hills State Park and is an out and back trail. Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls is an incredibly beautiful hiking trail that is very popular for both locals and visitors as it features some of the finest scenery. The trail has a total length of 5.3 miles that extends for the out and back trail. Since the trail is located within the Hocking Hills State Park, you can expect it to be on the busier side, especially during holiday weekends or during the summer. The trail is moderately challenging primarily due to how muddy it can get. Make sure to bring hiking boots that can stand the terrain. No matter how challenging it may be the sights along the way are worthwhile. Visitors can also enjoy some fishing along the trails as well. The trail is dog friendly for dogs on a leash.

Buckeye Trail

If you are interested in a hiking trail that extends you out to the far reaches of Hocking Hills State Park, look no further than the Buckeye Trail. This is also an out and back trail that extends 10 miles in total. The Buckeye Trail is also a moderately challenging trail but is open year-round so you can enjoy it whenever. The trail takes an average of approximately 4 hours to complete for most hikers making it the perfect half day excursion during your visit to Hocking Hills. This portion of the Buckeye Trail takes you to Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave. Additional parts of the trail can also be accessed that can lead you to Upper or Lower Falls too!

Rock House

Hocking Hills State Park is full of incredible natural attractions including Rock House. This is the park’s only true cavern and features a corridor like walkthrough to explore. The cavern is made of beautiful blackstone and was previously used as shelter for Native Americans and past visitors in the area. The trail up to Rock House is approximately 1 mile long and is a moderately rated hike. With the length of the hike being so short it allows children and older adults to enjoy the hike much more than longer hikes such as the ones found at Buckeye Trail. Don’t miss out on seeing this incredibly beautiful natural attraction!

Cedar Falls

If you want to see flowing waterfalls during your visit to Hocking Hills State Park, look no further than stopping by Cedar Falls. While the first trail on this list takes you to and back from Cedar Falls the solo trail is an experience on its own. This area of waterfalls has the greatest volume of waterfalls in the park and demonstrates the incredible power water has on the environment. The trail that leads to Cedar Falls is another 1-mile hike that takes you past remote areas of the forest. The environment feels more wild and isolated on the way to Cedar Falls, but you will be rewarded with beautiful grottos and waterfalls. This is a trail that you do not want to forget your camera for. The trail can be slippery so appropriate hiking shoes are highly recommended!

Ash Cave

Head to the southernmost part of Hocking Hills State Park to find Ash Cave in all its glory. This recessed cavern is the largest in the state and the trail leading to it is full of narrow gorges and beautiful hardwood trees. The 2-mile round trip hike to Ash Cave is also complete with native wildflowers growing along the trail. The actual half mile trail that surrounds Ash Cave as you explore it is the easiest in the park and is perfect for hikers of all experience levels. This trail is even wheelchair accessible with it being paved! Don’t miss out on one of the most beautiful parts of Hocking Hills State Park.

Hocking Hills Is Open for Exploration

These are just a few of the many different Hocking Hills hiking trails you can enjoy during your stay in Hocking Hills. Make the most of your stay by reserving one of our stunning Hocking Hills rentals with a pond, private pool, and hot tubs today.

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