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John Glenn Astronomy Park

If you are looking for an incredible vacation destination that offers a variety of unique attractions, look no further than Hocking Hills. You will find plenty of exciting attractions here in the area. Hocking Hills is the ideal destination to learn more about nature and our natural surroundings. One aspect we tend to forget about is our surroundings up in the stars. Hocking Hills is home to the John Glenn Astronomy Park, a wonderful park that will help spark creativity and interest in natural sciences and learning. The John Glenn Astronomy Park is a staple of the local community and will be a great spot to take your kids during your visit to Hocking Hills. Take a look at what all you can find when you visit John Glenn Astronomy Park during your upcoming stay in the area:

What Is the John Glenn Astronomy Park?

In today’s day and age, the interest in learning more about our natural surroundings has faded with the rise of screened technology. More than ever, children find themselves in front of a phone or tablet instead of seeking out the knowledge of the world. This change in our world is what inspired Friends of Hocking Hills to create John Glenn Astronomy Park in Hocking Hills, a local observatory. Stars have been a beacon for all of mankind for thousands of years, using their patterns to create maps of the sky. Each year, major events such as festivals and agricultural calendars are all based upon the movement of stars up in the sky. The rise in population has also had an impact on the night sky, as light pollution makes it harder to observe. Many major cities are covered in light at night, preventing most from seeing the stars. When you visit Hocking Hills, you will be in one of the last few areas of the state where the night sky is crystal clear. John Glenn Astronomy Park provides guests with an opportunity to see the starry night sky with the lens of the observatory’s telescope. You will not find a better place in town to seek out the stars.

Familiar Name

If the name John Glenn Astronomy Park sounds familiar, that is because it is named after one of the United States’ most famous astronauts, John Glenn himself. John Glenn was the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth and more recently became the oldest person to fly in space back in 1998. John Glenn unfortunately passed away in 2015 but provided permission for his name to be used for the John Glenn Astronomy Park. The observatory park is honored to use the name of such as decorated space hero and showcase the wonder of the stars for generations to come.

Program Nights

The John Glenn Astronomy Park is open on all clear Friday and Saturday nights during the months of March through November. During these programs, certain constellations and areas of space will be focused on for your viewing pleasure. Guests will be able to use the observation deck to peer at the stars though the telescope. Of course, Mother Nature is not always kind with the weather, but the John Glenn Astronomy Park does a great job at notifying potential guests of impactful weather. Simply check out their website around noon the day of the program you want to visit to get a full weather report. The John Glenn Astronomy Park will update the page to provide information on how the weather can prevent a clear view of the starry night sky.

Program Constellations

No two trips will ever be the same at the John Glenn Astronomy Park, as they focus on a new constellation each weekend. The programs can focus on nearby objects in our orbit such as the moon and help you get a clear view at its rough surface. Or it can focus on different clusters of stars in the sky such as the Orion Nebula, Sirius, or even Gemini. The Big Dipper and its recognizable stars are always a fascinating watch, along with the Messier Objects, some of the night sky’s brightest objects to look up at. Once the summer solstice arrives in the summer, the park will be open later so you can see the night sky at its darkest. Spring hours typically start around 6:30 PM, while summer solstice viewing hours are best seen around 11:00 PM. Don’t miss out on such an incredible activity found only in Hocking Hills.

Book Today and Enjoy the Astronomy Park in Hocking Hills

The John Glenn Astronomy Park is just one of many different attractions you can find here in Hocking Hills. Make sure to get out and see the incredible area for yourself during your next visit to the area. Book one of our vacation cabins or lodges today for the best stay in town! Contact us today!

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