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Swimming Spots Near Hocking Hills

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than finding the nearest body of water and jumping in to cool off. Whether you are visiting in the warmest months of summer or during the fall a little swimming is just what you need. Luckily, Hocking Hills has plenty of swimming spots all around the area that you and your family can enjoy. Take a look at the spots for swimming in Hocking Hills we have available:

Lake Hope State Park

When it comes to finding the best Hocking Hills swimming spots, you will not be disappointed when you stop by one of the local state parks. There are quite a few of them too, including Lake Hope State Park. This expansive park is almost 3,000 acres in size and includes Lake Hope itself. The park is absolutely stunning with endless forest all around it. Swimming is permitted at Lake Hope State Park and welcomes everyone to enjoy the cool water. You will find the best swimming spot at the designated beach at the lake. A 600-foot swimming beach offers plenty of room for you and everyone else to have a relaxing moment at the beach. The beach house provides you with everything you need to during the day such as restrooms, concessions, and a boat house. Plenty of locals and visitors take to the lake by boat as well to explore the many nooks and crannies. One thing to keep in mind when swimming at Lake Hope State Park is that pets are not permitted. Even if you do not want to jump into the water, there is a sun deck waiting for you to lay out and enjoy some tanning.

Tar Hollow State Park

Another great local lake that offers plenty of room to go swimming in is Tar Hollow State Park. This park is a bit smaller but still offers the incredible scenery you come to expect from Hocking Hills. Enjoy a windy road that takes you past ravines and ridges to reach the park’s lake. If you visit in the spring, you will find plenty of wildflowers in full bloom. Or stop by in the fall to see the tree leaves change colors to bright shades or red, yellow, and orange. Pine Lake is the lake you will find at Tar Hollow State Park and allows swimming at most points of the year. Here you will find a 500-foot beach that offers designed swimming areas. Pine Lake does not offer similar services as Lake Hope State Park, and there is no guard on duty. However, you will find this lake to be a bit quieter, potentially allowing you more space to enjoy an afternoon of swimming.

Lake Alma State Park

Another of the smaller lakes that allows swimming is Lake Alma State Park. This 60-acre park features the namesake lake and offers swimming during daylight hours. You will find beautiful sightseeing areas such as a walking bridge over the water and gentle creeks. The public beach that allows swimming is located on the north side of the lake with plenty of parking spaces available. Swimming is only allowed during the daylight hours and no guard is posted on the beach. Lake Alma State Park also does not allow pets so make sure to keep them at home. If you need a break from swimming, you will find plenty of hiking trails that will take you close by the water.

Logan State Park

All of the locals here in Hocking Hills know that Logan State Park is one of the top lakes in the area to visit. The lake itself is primarily known for its fishing which is unparalleled. The lake itself is 400 acres in size making it much bigger than the other spots shown on this list. Outdoor activities included around the lake including hiking, hunting, and fishing. Swimming is permitted on the public beach, also located on the north side of the lake. This 527-foot beach allows swimming during the daylight hours and also does not have any guard posted. However, you will find a facility with restrooms available to use so you can spend the entire day at the lake if you so choose. Logan State Park is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic by the water or even kayak out onto the lake.

Hocking Hills Swimming Spots to Relax In

As you can see, there are quite a few places located here in the area that allow you to enjoy some swimming. Our vacation rentals are found all over the area and will keep you close to these many swimming spots. Browse our selection today and see which vacation rental speaks to you. Once you do, get ready for a family getaway to Hocking Hills!

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