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Fall Attractions in Hocking Hills

The fall season is finally in full swing here in Hocking Hills. This time of year is one of our favorites, as the trees change to beautiful colors and the temperatures start to drop. The fall season is also a slower travel season, allowing visitors to see even more of our beautiful home than other parts of the year. Many attractions in and around Hocking Hills deserve to be seen during your fall getaway. Take a look at some of our favorite fall attractions in Hocking Hills:

Skyline Drive Loop

If you are in the mood to see the beautiful scenery along the treetops in Hocking Hills, you need to make the short drive over to Skyline Drive Loop. This open loop that connects to the highway system provides you with unparalleled views of the trees. Visitors can travel down the 24 miles of road that makes for the perfect scenic drive. This is the perfect activity to relax with and see just how beautiful Hocking Hills is. It takes approximately 49 minutes to complete the entire loop from start to finish.

The Spotted Horse Ranch

Take advantage of the cool fall weather to get outside and see something new. The Spotted Horse Ranch is a local stable that offers thrilling horseback rides. You can be a novice or experienced horseback rider and enjoy their entertaining rides. Guests will be taken on a private two-hour trek through the property that takes you across hills and into the nearby forest. You will be shown the ropes on how to handle your gentle horse. Each one is expertly trained and will offer you a great time during the ride. Expect to hear plenty of stories on how the ranch started and how it continues to be a local favorite around the community. Don’t miss out on this unique activity perfect for individuals of all ages!

John Glenn Astronomy Park

Another great attraction here in the area that is best enjoyed during the fall is John Glenn Astronomy Park. This local center offers educational programs on the weekends that will teach you all about the stars. The astronomy park offers huge telescopes that you can use at night to take a peer up at the moon, stars, and planets. Their educational sessions are provided by knowledgeable volunteers who love the subject more than anyone else. While the best viewing is obtained during the summer season it also gets booked up early in advance. The fall season will allow you to book without having to worry about it being too crowded.

Hocking Hills State Park

It would not be a vacation getaway to Hocking Hills without a stop inside the Hocking Hills State Park. This expansive park is the biggest draw to the area and for good reason. You can explore the many different trails that lead you to incredible natural landmarks. Popular trails in the park include Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave. Each different area provides different views. You can see incredible sights such as waterfalls, flowing rivers, recessive caverns, natural stone bridges, and sandstone canyons. Each trailhead will be marked to indicate the difficulty; most trails are relatively easy with most individuals being able to enjoy it at a leisurely pace. Some of the trails are even pet friendly so you can bring your lovable to join in on the fun too. Hocking Hills State Park is typically very busy during the summer. Stopping by the fall will allow you to enjoy the park at later times in the day instead of arriving at dawn. Don’t miss out on this truly incredible experience.

Hocking Hills Winery and Brewery 33

The fall season is the perfect time to relax and unwind with your favorite adult beverage in hand. Hocking Hills is home to locations such as Hocking Hills Winery and Brewery 33. Hocking Hill Winery creates unique wines that are only available here in town. Their tasting room lets you try a little bit of everything before settling on a glass or bottle of your favorite. Brewery 33 provides hand crafted ales at a reasonable price. Enjoy classic styles of beers such as IPAs, lagers, stouts, ambers, and many more. These two locations offer weekly live music on their patio and are both family and pet friendly. This means everything can enjoy the delicious food and live music together while the adults sip on a beverage of their choice.

Fall Season in Hocking Hills

These attractions and many more await you here in Hocking Hills this fall season. You can prepare for an incredible stay by reserving one of our vacation rentals in the area. You can be just down the street from the Hocking Hills State Park among others. Book today and find the best lodging in town.

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