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Historical Landmarks Near Hocking Hills

When vacationing, part of the experience of seeing somewhere new is checking out the local spots that are rich in history. Hocking Hills history is no different as our Ohio home is surrounded by beautiful forest scenery that has played an important part in the development of the area. When you visit Hocking Hills, you will be able to see many of these historical sites in person and enjoy an educational yet thrilling adventure into the past. Take a look at some of the historical landmarks you can find during your excursion to Hocking Hills:

Majestic Theatre

When you come to Hocking Hills, you can visit “America’s oldest continuously operating theater” over at Majestic Theatre. This local theatre has some of history’s biggest acts hit the stage including Bob Hope, Sophie Tucker, Laurel & Hardy, and more. Majestic Theatre began its career under the name of Masonic Hall before eventually rebranding to what it is now today. Majestic Theatre continues to operate as a fully operated theatre where you will find a variety of musical and stand-up acts hit the stage during the year. Tickets can easily be purchased in advance of your stay so you can ensure the best seats in the auditorium. If you are looking to throw a big event Majestic Theatre can also have you covered with their facility rental option. There is no shortage of fun when it comes to visiting Majestic Theatre so add it to your itinerary for Hocking Hills!

Lucy Webb Hayes Heritage Center

One of the important historical places to see in Hocking Hills is the Lucy Webb Hayes Heritage Center. Her name might be familiar for history buffs as she is the wife of the 19th United States president, Rutherford B. Hayes. They both originated from Ohio right here in the area with the Lucy Webb Hayes Heritage Center being Mrs. Hayes’ birthplace. You can visit the heritage center during your visit to explore the building that has been restored. Visitors will be able to take a look into the past of the 1800s and see five different showcases of Hayes memorabilia. You will learn all about the life of Lucy Hayes, who became to be the first president’s wife to be called “First Lady”. Enjoy the story of how she became to be known as “Lemonade Lucy,” and see individual rooms in the home still decorated the way they were back when she still lived in the building. Tours are open for the Lucy Webb Hayes Heritage Center during April through September. Stop in either Friday or Saturday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Tours are still available during other months of the year but require an appointment.

Moonville Tunnel

Hocking Hills and its surrounding area have a history steeped in coal mining that required easier transportation methods. Thus, Moonville Tunnel was created in 1857 that took it straight through the Zaleski State Forest. The train tracks are now abandoned leaving them to be explored by hikers in the area. Locals and visitors alike come to the Moonville Tunnel to hike the surrounding terrain along with discussing the folklore and legend that has become part of local history. While the Moonville Tunnel is not that old it still remains an eerie part of the industrial history of the area. Make sure to wear your hiking boots as you will want to explore the area when you visit!

Ash Cave

Another important aspect of Hocking Hill’s heritage is its rich Native American history in the area. Ash Cave is a huge, recessed cavern that was originally used as shelter back in the 1700s with the Shawnee tribe. Parts of the cave were eventually used for a local church and large gatherings thanks to the cave’s acoustic qualities. Ash Cave is a part of the Hocking Hills State Park where you can explore seven distinct areas. Ash Cave is often described as the most impressive part of the park and is sure to not disappoint you. You will find the trail to and around Ash Cave to be the perfect hiking experience.

Rock House

Another popular part of the Hocking Hills State Park is Rock House. This stunning beauty was previously used as a natural shelter for humans thousands of years ago. Native Americans eventually used it for temporary shelter and hideout as well. You can explore the narrow passages of this historic “house” that is sure to stand out among your visit to the historical sites of Hocking Hills.

Get Ready for a Blast into Hocking Hills History

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