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Hocking State Forest

When you visit Hocking Hills, you will have several different outdoor attractions to explore. These make for exciting adventures to see different natural scenery and more. One of the well-known attractions in the area includes Hocking State Forest. This natural area is a giant 9,815-acre area here in Hocking County. Hocking State Forest has something for everyone from hiking to rock climbing. Designated areas have been set up so you can enjoy these activities on your own.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

One of the more popular outdoor activities in the area at Hocking State Forest include rock climbing and rappelling. In fact, 99 acres have been set aside just for these activities alone. You will find the rock climbing and rappelling area within walking distance one mile east of Conkle’s Hollow. You will find an easy enough parking area so you can walk to the climbing area. Rock climbing and rappelling at Hocking State Forest is done on an actual flat rock surface so make sure to use proper equipment and go with others who have done it before. Better yet, let the pros at High Rock Adventures take you on an exciting tour. They will show you all the proper steps and include the right equipment for the climbing and rappelling tours.

Hiking and Horseback Riding

Hocking State Forest also features plenty of hiking trails near Hocking Hills, too in the expansive forest area. Particularly, visitors will find Buckeye Trail to be the designated path to take to explore. Visitors will find that the forest features native plant life and also plant life typically found up north. Associated wildlife is in the area too may be seen especially around the quitter parts of the forest. Hocking State Forest features a total of three hiking trails near Hocking Hills that explores a total of 59 miles in length. You will also find 40 miles of bridle trails too for those who wish to enjoy some horseback riding. Stables in the area will take you on guided horseback riding excursions. 23 horse campsites provide the perfect spots to relax during your excursion. There is a little bit of everything for everyone here at Hocking State Forest.

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