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Hope Iron Furnace

Travelers make their way from across the country and globe to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty offered up by Hocking Hills hiking trails. Whether you’re looking to for outdoor fun or are hoping to unwind in a setting that combines the best of peace and tranquility, Hocking Hills has a long been a destination that can deliver on both. With its modern look easily captivates, guests are often thrilled to learn that within the forests and foliage lies a rich history waiting to be discovered. When you’re a person with an interest in the past, make your way to Hope Furnace Trail for a chance to encounter the Hope Iron Furnace face to face.

A Story of Time

Long before the existence of Lake Hope or Hocking Hills as visitors know it today, this area of Appalachia was land dedicated to mining iron in remote conditions. More than a century ago, residents of this area turned parts of Hope Furnace Trail into a massive iron production complex that was fueled by the forest, lakes, and streams that surrounded it. Today, all that remains of this once giant complex is a single towering structure known as the Hope Iron Furnace. It stands complete with a stone façade and iron bars as a reminder of an economic past that has long since faded away. Many visitors to Hope Iron Furnace see it as a simple of progress and transition. The Hocking Hills region has long been a resilient landscape and proves it once again with the preservation of Hope Iron Furnace.

Planning Your Trip

If you’re arriving with a vehicle, plan on parking at the north end lot of Hope Furnace Trail before lacing up and heading out for the 3-mile trek to the Hope Iron Furnace. Placards dot the trail along the way providing insightful details into the history of the area and iron mining facility that once stood on its grounds. When you reach the Hope Iron Furnace, feel free to take pictures and read the remaining information cards at your leisure. There is a large field that stands in front of the furnace and many visitors use this as a place to sit back and relax mid-hike. On your return trip, it’s helpful to note that Hope Furnace Trail links up with Habron Hollow Trail when you’re looking to extend your exciting journey.

Things to Do Nearby Hocking Hills Hiking Trails

There’s never a dull moment to be had in Hocking Hills, Ohio. This dynamic destination provides the perfect landscape to keep every visitor’s itinerary continually expanding in the name of adventure. When you’re looking to make even more of your stay beyond a visit to Hope Iron Furnace, here are a few ideas that are sure to be as intriguing as they are inspiring.

Lace Up and Visit Cantwell Cliffs

Get a new perspective on some of Mother Nature’s best work by visiting Cantwell Cliffs while you’re in town. This popular and iconic Hocking Hills landmark is known and loved for its many rock shelters and valleys as well as the infamous “fat woman’s squeeze” that leads visitors to the heart of the gorge. This picturesque area is sure to be a thrill for those that love photography. Feel free to hike the moderately difficult trail or simply stroll along the valley floor and take it all in from below. =

Book a Horseback Ride at Blue Moon Acres

While it’s always fun to explore Hocking Hills hiking trails, there’s nothing that quite matches the experience of seeing it all from horseback! Gather up the friends and family and head over to Blue Moon Acres while you’re visiting Hocking Hills for a chance to enjoy a guided trail ride that’s sure to bring you through some truly spectacular scenery. Rides at this establishment are more suited for adults and teenage visitors who have enjoyed even minimum experience on horseback. The staff is more than happy to provide a refresher course and the riding gear you need is always a part of the deal. Rides can be customized to preference ranging anywhere from one to two hours. Blue Moon Acres is located at 18920 Keifel Road in Laurelville and questions and reservations can be directed to 740-380-6230.

Attractions Nearby

When you’re craving some quality time on the water, the Hocking River is never out of reach.  Take some time to rent a kayak or canoe and make your way along this winding and watery pathway and enjoy some tranquil time observing Mother Nature. Towering trees dot the banks of the Hocking River and it’s always a great place to spot wildlife that call the lush area home. If you’d prefer to book a more guided experience on the river, the professionals at the Hocking Hills Canoe Livery are always willing to help. The Livery is located at 12789 SR 664-South in Logan and group float reservations can be made by calling 740-385-0523.

Stay and Enjoy Hope Iron Furnace

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