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Manchester Hill Winery

Deep in the Hocking Hills area you will find local favorite Manchester Hill Winery waiting to serve you their modern take on old world wines. This local favorite has been running since 2011 and offers award-winning wine. The Hocking Hills area is able to produce unique hybrid wine grapes exclusive to the region. Manchester Hill Winery continue to be family owned and operated so you know the incredible locals of Hocking Hills have a hand in it. Take a look at what a visit to the Manchester Hill Winery looks like:

Award Winning Wines and Ciders


When you visit Manchester Hill Winery you will be able to try out their entire selection of award-winning wines. They serve everything from dry wines to sweet wines. Each wine uses fresh fruit for a delicious flavor. The Concord is their take on a red wine with concord grapes, adding the fruitiness and sweetness you want. The Niagara offers semi-sweet fruitiness with hints of honeysuckle and lemon. Dry wines available include the Pinot Gris with flavors of ripe melon and honey along with Vignoles and its notes of candied pineapple. These are just a few of the many wines you can order. Enjoy heavily fruited wines such as the Blackberry that is made with 100% real blackberries and their house wild yeast fermentation. This type of wine is sweet and tart having it stand out among the typical grape wine varieties. Each wine can be enjoyed by the bottle to share with friends and family. You can also order wine by the glass, so you don’t have to share. If you want to try a little of everything, try out the wine flight. Last bur certainly not least is the wine slushy, a delicious frozen wine beverage that is enjoyed just like your favorite cold treat. This frozen wine still has the normal alcohol by volume as their typical wine but you may not be able to tell!
Not only does Manchester Hill Winery offer award-winning wines but also tasty hard cider. The weather in Hocking Hills allows them to grow all of the produce you need for this incredible beverage. Cider offerings include the Tart Cherry and Peach ciders, each using a different side fruit to create the perfect mixture. These ciders are lower on the alcohol by volume allowing you to enjoy a higher volume than with standard wine. The slightly bubbliness of the ciders make it a refreshing choice for the warm summer seasons. Enjoy the ciders by the pint at the winery or purchase 750 ml bottles to go to enjoy back at your vacation rental.


Food Menu


Enjoying your favorite adult beverages especially wine is always best done when you have something to snack on with it. Manchester Hill Winery has a delightful food menu that will make sure to keep you full as you continue to sip on their award-winning wines. The food menu starts with winery favorite items such as charcuterie boards and cheese plates. Expect to find a wonderful selection of delicious cheeses, meats, and crackers on these sprawling boards. You can add some veggies or dips with the Mediterranean platter and the veggie platter. Feel free to add on any meats or cheeses to any board at an additional cost.


During the summer season Manchester Hill Winery is also known for the delicious BBQ pork. This seasonal item is available every Friday and Saturday starting at 5:00 PM and until it is sold out. They smoke each meat daily using a combination of Cherry, Apple, Pear, and Hickory woods to create mouthwatering BBQ meat. Enjoy the BBQ pork with two sides for a meal. Side options include pesto pasta salad, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, and mac n cheese; you can always order more sides individually too for those who are really hungry. Last but not least, if you find any cheese from the charcuterie boards that you fall in love with you can always purchase them by the ¼ pound to go. The available selection typically includes smoked gouda, muenster, Havarti, Irish cheddar, Spanish Manchego, and New York sharp white cheddar.


Finding Manchester Hill Winery


You can stop in the Manchester Hill Winery found at 13160 Tarlton Rd in Circleville. The taproom is open Tuesday through Thursday from noon to 7:00 PM and Friday through Saturday from noon to 9:00 PM. You can pick up an online order by appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays from noon to 7:00 PM. Heads-up, they’re only open on Saturdays from 1 to 7pm during January and February. Call 845-893-8724 for any questions or to place a pickup order; you can even have their award-winning wine delivered to your vacation rental’s door!


The Hocking Hills Are Waiting


Come check out Manchester Hills Winery and all of the other incredible attractions in the Hocking Hills for your next vacation getaway. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable while you explore what makes this area so special. Contact us!

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