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Pearl’s Diner

When the suitcases are packed and you’re headed to Hocking Hills in the name of vacation fun, chances are you’re ready to make the most of the great outdoors. Getting out of the daily grind and into nature is a wonderful way to refresh the mind and spirit while making the most of stunning Ohio scenery. But just because you leave home behind doesn’t mean you have to abandon the comfort food you crave. Hocking Hills is packed with pristine beauty, but it also comes with a wonderful collection of restaurants made to enjoy. When you’re looking for restaurants around Hocking Hills and can’t wait to cozy up in a warm and welcoming locale, make sure to make time for a meal at Pearl’s Diner.

The Best of Breakfast and Brunch

Pearl’s Diner is located at 12900 SR 664 in Logan and is integrated into the great Walmart Plaza for convenient access. Pearl’s Diner is open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm most days of the week and while there are plenty of options to choose from on the menu, Pearl’s is known for its fantastic breakfast and brunch selection that’s sure to please. Home-style comfort is the name of the game at Pearl’s and the service at this locale is notoriously friendly. Come on in and grab a seat with family and friends and plan on enjoying time spent indulging in generous portions and having great conversation too. Walls lined with chalkboards listing daily specials, striped curtains, and warm-hued walls make this stop a place that’s as inviting as it is delicious. This cozy restaurant is just what you need to take a break from the big city life and unwind with a local favorite here in the area.

Menu Favorites for Everyone to Enjoy

When you find yourself at Pearl’s Diner in the early morning hours, you’ll want to make the most of the breakfast selection. Guests will have options to choose from sausage, biscuits and gravy, waffles, pancakes, and omelets just to name a few! The Big Three Egg Omelet is appropriately named and comes with a biscuit or toast and a variety of toppings for you to choose from. Egg breakfast plates are an easy way to order something tasty if you are unsure of what to pick from the menu. A Country Breakfast is something that will remind you of home with sides such as sausage, cornbread, biscuits and gravy, and potatoes. You can always order any breakfast item a la carte if you want to mix and match a few different options. Pearl’s Diner is known to be the local provider of breakfast food at any time they are open. Best of all, the cooking will always reminder you of Grandma’s cooking back home that will light up the soul.

While breakfast selections are available through the afternoon hours, those that come later in the day will want to be sure to ask about daily specials. Fried fish, chicken breast, fried green tomatoes and much more are sure to be palate-pleasing options. Make sure to start your meal off with an appetizer or two that includes chicken wings, deep fried mushrooms, clam strips, and hot poppers. The sandwiches are a great way for something lighter if you are not in the mood for a big plate of food. Sandwich options include various favorites such as hamburgers, chicken, ham, turkey, roast beef, and of course grilled cheese. You can always order coleslaw and fries to make it a platter for a small up charge. What will really sell you is the selection of specialty sandwiches found nowhere else. This includes the Tasty Pizza Burger that mixes a pizza and burger together. The Sandy’s Chicken Salad on European Bun is an absolute local favorite too. Always make sure to give the side selection a view to see if there are any additional options that your meal is calling out for. When you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, don’t miss out on the homemade pies that are famous at Pearl’s Diner. In addition, this locale whips up generous sized milkshakes upon request.

Enjoy the Best Restaurants Around Hocking Hills & More

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