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Adventure Seeker’s Journey to Hocking Hills

There are a variety of ways you can enjoy Hocking Hills. Some visitors want to experience a serene and quiet time here in the forested landscape. Others want to step up the thrills of the adventure and experience the more exciting times here in the area. Planning for an adventure seeker’s journey has never been easier than following these recommendations. You will be able to experience a variety of activities, each more adventurous than the last. Take a look at what you can add to your adventures in Hocking Hills:

Rock Climbing with High Rock Adventures

With Hocking Hills State Park being so close by, you can find a variety of other things to do near Hocking Hills, Ohio – inside the park and outside of just hiking. Deep inside the park you will find High Rock Adventures and their rock climbing tours. Rock climbing is a physically challenging activity but rewards you with a thrilling experience. Visitors will be able to join in on a rock climbing tour that lets you traverse the natural sandstone cliffs of the park. Each tour lasts around two and a half hours, allowing most climbers 3-4 climbs per tour. You will be able to climb up designated paths on the rock that brings out your inner strength. A professional climber and guide will be with you to help you every part of the way. More novice climbers can instead enjoy rappelling or the High Rock Challenge. While the name may suggest otherwise, the High Rock Challenge is actually a little easier and will have you navigate around small obstacles instead of performing straight climbing. Rappelling is an exciting way to get down steep cliffs with a rope in hand. Regardless of the tour package you pick, you will find that High Rock Adventures will help you take care of your need for thrill-seeking.

Adventure Pro Outdoors

When it comes to planning an adventure-seeking journey in Hocking Hills you do not need to do all of the work in finding what to do. In fact, Adventure Pro Outdoors has you covered with their exclusive adventure tours that come in a variety of packages. The experts at Adventure Pro Outdoors know everything there is to know about the outdoors and will show you all of the best areas. They are especially known for river trips down the Hocking River. For the adventure seekers who just want a quiet day on the river look into the 3-mile river tubing trip. This is a 2- to 4-hour trip, depending on the current, and will have you enjoying time in the water to cool off. For the more adventurous, you can also book this trip with a kayak or canoe instead to put your paddling to the test. 6- and 8-mile river trips are also available and are exclusive to kayak and canoe rentals. Guests are required to bring their own gear outside of the boat rental. You will find the prices of each rental to be affordable so the whole family can enjoy their time on the river.

If you prefer to explore things to do near Hocking Hills, Ohio on land, look into their Slingshot rentals. These are the three-wheeled roadsters you have probably seen on a freeway somewhere, where the driver looks to be having a blast. These luxury vehicles are best enjoyed on the Windy 9, where you can enjoy winding roads while enjoying the gorgeous forest scenery in the backdrop. The last option Adventure Pro Outdoors offers is the guided ATV and UTV tour. You will be taken out into the forest outback on a thrilling ATV or UTV. You will have a professional tour guide to help show off the miles of off-road trails you will be able to navigate. You will find easy-to-intermediate trails in the area perfect for beginner and experienced riders alike. There is no shortage of fun with Adventure Pro Outdoors!

Hocking Hills State Park

Of course, you cannot have an adventurous journey to Hocking Hills without visiting Hocking Hills State Park. This is our area’s biggest attraction and is sure to delight those looking for some good hiking. The seven distinct areas each have different scenic stops such as recessed caverns, waterfalls, natural sandstone cliffs, and much more. You will find that the trails have a variety of difficulty levels, letting you find something for the day with ease. Best of all, Hocking Hills State Park can be found close to many of our vacation rentals in the area.

Get Ready for Adventures in Hocking Hills

The adventure is on here in Hocking Hills so make sure to find your favorite vacation rental before it is already taken. Each property offers unique amenities and is sure to keep you comfortable in between your adventure outings.

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