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Hocking Hills Romantic Getaway

If you are looking to find a new destination for a romantic journey, look no further than Hocking Hills. Our Ohio destination is a great place to celebrate a quiet getaway with a loved one. The area features many different unique attractions and activities that will showcase your love. Hocking Hills is especially known for its state park that offers miles of beautiful terrain that can be hiked at any point of the year. Take a look at how you can plan for a Hocking Hills romantic getaway:

Hocking Hills State Park

There is no bigger attraction to the area than Hocking Hills State Park. While a visit to a local state park may not seem romantic at first, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see inside. Hocking Hills State Park offers miles of trails across several different points of the park. It is known for some truly special sights such as waterfalls, creeks, local wildlife, and its sandstone rock formations. Seeing the park in person for the first time will put a smile on your face. For those planning a Hocking Hills getaway during the summer or fall seasons, the park will be the perfect temperature to easily spend multiple hours outside. The treetops keep the trails shaded so you can stay comfortable. The creeks and waterfalls will be flowing, providing plenty of photo opportunities. Visiting in the winter is also highly recommended for a romantic experience. During the colder months, visitors will find the trails and trees dusted with a light snow cover that provides a romantic ambiance. The waterfalls are often frozen completely solid for beautiful views. Much of the wildlife is also more active during the colder months of the year, so you are almost guaranteed to see something out in the park. Don’t miss out on a romantic hike through the wilderness of Hocking Hills State Park.

Find a Romantic Dinner

Hocking Hills also has a few different restaurants where you can expect to find a romantic dinner. Treat your loved one to a meal at a local favorites such as Cedar Falls Restaurant or Glenlaurel. Both restaurants are fine dining establishments. While the entrees and service may be what you expect for fine dining, you will feel comfortable with the relaxed expectations at both restaurants. Another popular pick for locals is Rhapsody, located in Nelsonville. You will also find a casual fine dining experience here with a vast menu that includes a little bit of everything. The chefs partner with culinary students from a local institution to help train the next generation, but don’t worry; there will be nothing amateur about the food you taste here! Each restaurant also offers a lengthy selection of wine so you can find a bottle to pair with your steak or seafood.

Visit a Local Winery

Another romantic activity to enjoy on your Hocking Hills getaway includes visiting a local winery. Hocking Hills Winery is the area’s namesake winery and has been open since 2013. Here you will find a family-owned and operated business that has won several awards for their hand-crafted wines. The tasting room allows you to taste each of their offerings before ordering a full glass. Winery tours are available and allow you to see behind the scenes of the production. Don’t forget to order a bottle or two of your favorite wines to take back to your vacation rental!

Romantic Vacation Rentals

Speaking of vacation rentals, you will find some of the most romantic settings in our exclusive selection of properties. No Hocking Hills romantic getaway will be complete without the perfect property to accompany it. Our cozy cabin rentals offer rustic settings where you will feel right at home in Hocking Hills. Each property offers spacious rooms and standard amenities such as gourmet kitchens, flat-screen TVs, fine linens, and more. You will have plenty of space to enjoy the presence of your loved one. If you are in need of a larger home our vacation lodges are perfect. These luxury rentals offer even more possible amenities to make for a romantic getaway. Soak up in the hot tub with your loved one as you sip on a glass of wine. The theatre rooms let you catch your favorite movie on the big screen. Specially designed kitchens let you prepare a culinary masterpiece for your loved one. Having access to the perfect vacation rental will make for the best stay in town.

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Take a break from the ordinary and come see what Hocking Hills is all about. Our vacation destination offers plenty to enjoy with your loved one including the Hocking Hills State Park and nearby activities. Book with Buffalo Cabins and Lodges today and prepare for the most romantic outing around. Enjoy a stay at our Hocking Hills romantic cabins for Valentine’s Day and celebrate love.

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