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Top 5 Sightseeing Places in Ohio in Hocking Hills

Whenever we go on vacation we do not want to be stuck with boring activities. Instead, we want to spend our well-earned time seeing the best spots the area has to offer. Hocking Hills is a vacation paradise here in Ohio with plenty of spots that are worthy of your visit. Take a look at the top 5 sightseeing places in Ohio you can find in Hocking Hills:

Old Man’s Cave

When it comes to the top 5 sightseeing spots in Hocking Hills, you will find that they are easy to get to. Each of these top 5 spots can be found inside the Hocking Hills State Park right here in the area. Hocking Hills State Park continues to be the top attraction in the state and offers distinct areas to explore on expansive hiking trails. The first spot on our list of 5 top sightseeing spots in Hocking Hills begins with Old Man’s Cave. This area of the park was once the home of historic hermit Richard Rowe who lived here in the late 1700s. Old Man’s Cave is now the most visited area of Hocking Hills State Park and features five sections to explore: Upper Gorge, Lower Gorge, Upper Falls, Middle Falls, and Lower Falls. Visitors will be able to see the recessed area and even peer into the thick sandstone walls that line the canyon. The falls bring in water from the streams making Old Man’s Cave a beautiful destination any time of the year.

Devil’s Bathtub

While not one of the main areas of Hocking Hills State Park, visitors can easily find the Devil’s Bathtub as they are exploring the trails through Old Man’s Cave. This incredible natural landmark recessed pit in the sandstone formed by the constant flow of water from tiered waterfalls that come from the Upper Falls. Guests will see the water swirl in the sandstone pit before it eventually disappears into the opening at the bottom. Devil’s Bathtub features plenty of viewing areas including from the bridge for you to get the best view of it. The Devil’s Bathtub can be found approximately one mile in on the Buckeye Trail when leaving the Old Man’s Cave Visitor Center.

Cedar Falls

Speaking of water falls you will not be able to get over the beauty of Cedar Falls, another one of the sightseeing places in Ohio in Hocking Hills State Park. Cedar Falls features a much steeper fall that towers 50 feet before it hits the water below. In fact, this is the largest volume of water flowing through a waterfall in the county. Cedar Falls has been ranked as one of the most photographed falls and will wow you the moment you approach it. Getting to Cedar Falls is also easier than other areas of the park as it has a nearby parking lot. Visitors can also reach Cedar Falls by traversing the Buckeye Trail from Old Man’s Cave too.

Cantwell Cliffs

Sometimes finding the most scenic areas of Hocking Hills requires a little bit of a trek through the Hocking Hills State Park. Cantwell Cliffs continues our list with its remote area featured deep in the park. While the hike over to Cantwell Cliffs can be a challenging journey, it will reward you with some of the best views in the park. Cantwell Cliffs encompasses two different trails that take you area the area. The rim trail will bring you right along the edge of the cliffs providing you with direct views of vista and the rest of the park. The valley trail will have you navigating in between the sandstone towers where you will climb up flights of steps. Guests will remember the narrow trek through the gorge that is one of the most favorited spots for a challenge in the park. Remember that Cantwell Cliffs is one of the more difficult trails in the park, so prepare for your voyage in advance.

Rock House

The final spot on our top 5 sightseeing areas for Hocking Hills is Rock House. While many areas in the park feature ‘cave’ in the title you will find Rock House to be the only true cavern. Rock House is a 200-foot-long corridor that crawls through Black Hand sandstone. What makes Rock House so impressive is the joints of the sandstone creating window like openings in the rock giving it a house appearance. Guests will reach Rock House through a more rigorous trail from the main parking lot for Hocking Hills State Park.

More Fun to Have in Hocking Hills

There is no better time than now to get ready for your own sightseeing voyage to enjoy these Hocking Hills sights. Take a look at one of our vacation rentals located here in the area to get you started. You will find the best lodging options right here in Hocking Hills.

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