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Best Time to Visit Hocking Hills

Whenever you plan for a vacation getaway you probably want to know when the best time of year to visit is. Booking a trip during a non-preferred time can leave an unpleasant feeling with your trip. Luckily, the best time to visit Hocking Hills depends on what you want to see!

Winter Season

There is always something special about the holidays especially when you spend them here with us in Hocking Hills. The winter season is often a time considered to be the best time to visit many of our visitors and locals alike. The winter is our slowest travel season as most visitors want to skip out on the cold weather and snow. This winter wonderland is exactly the reason why you will want to visit! Hocking Hills is home to Hocking Hills State Park and its abundant and beautiful terrain. What once was a lush forest with flowing rivers has not been frozen literally in time. You will find the creeks and waterfalls frozen in place and treetops covered in white powdery snow. Plenty of wildlife will be more prone to stick their heads out too. Hocking Hills State Park is always busy in the summer when we are at our busiest season too. So, in the winter you will find plenty of privacy and space all around you. Plus, you will also find plenty of holiday-themed events right here in Logan and Hocking Hills!

Fall Season

If you want to avoid the snow but still want to enjoy some quieter moments in Hocking Hills, you will find the fall season to be the best time to visit. It is still not as busy as the summer and the weather is just starting to cool off. You will find to enjoyable outdoors in the day and perfect to cuddle up in front of a fire or fire pit at night. Plus, you will notice all of the colors of the leaves turning to beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. Visiting Hocking Hills during the fall is truly something special.

Exciting and Best Time to Visit Hocking Hills

While we consider there to be no bad time to visit Hocking Hills these two seasons are often voted as the best times to go. Book one of our vacation properties today and come see them for yourself in Hocking Hills.

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