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Insider Tips When Visiting Hocking Hills

Visiting Hocking Hills is always better when you have a little insider knowledge to help you along the way. Having some local secrets can make your planning easier than ever and provide you with more time with local attractions. Here are some insider tips to keep in mind when visiting Hocking Hills:

Seasons Do Matter

When you book a trip to Hocking Hills you will have 12 months of a great time to choose from. Hocking Hills is located right here in Ohio. While some travel destinations see minimal weather change throughout the year you will notice that Hocking Hills does get to see all four seasons. This is an important detail for your trip planning as the different seasons bring out different options of fun to plan around. The summer season is always the busiest time of year and is best avoided if you prefer to have hiking trails without crowds. The season with the least amount of traffic is the winter but it deserves a look for your planning too! You will find a winter wonderland that covers Hocking Hills State Park is powdery snow for a unique experience.

Come Prepared to Hike

Hocking Hills is home to the Hocking Hills State Park where you will find seven different trails to explore. Most visitors try to fit in a visit to the park in a single day, but you will find out that it can be very difficult to do all seven trails in a single day. Instead, come with two days planned out of taking your time on the trail taking in the wonderful scenery. Vacation is all about relaxing and you will find plenty of time to do that on the trail.

Don’t Miss Out on the Wineries

One thing you may not expect to find in Ohio is a winery. Do not forget to hit up the local wineries where locally foraged grapes are used for tasty wines. These unique blends cannot be found anywhere else. You will also find plenty of wine slushies that make the hot summer days perfectly bearable.

Visiting Hocking Hills

These insider tips will help you find the perfect stay right here in Hocking Hills. Make sure to book a stay inside one of our vacation rentals for the most comfortable stay in the area. It does not get any better than this!

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