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Hocking Hills Canoeing

While many things can change over 40 years, the incredible service and exciting activities put on by Hocking Hills Adventures continues to shine in Ohio. If you are looking for an exciting outdoor adventure, there is no one better than this local company for Hocking Hills canoeing. Since 1976 they have been leading exhilarating tours down the many rivers in the area giving you an experience like no other.

A Variety of River Trips

Hocking Hill Adventures will take you down the lively Hocking River for a multitude of trips to choose from. This river is perfect for beginners as it has an average depth of 3-4 feet with few rapids and rocks to navigate around. Start small with the Crocketts Run that will take you down the Hocking River to the Livery. This trip navigates over five miles of river and takes approximately two hours making it perfect for young children to enjoy.

If you are coming in from out of town and want to see more of the river without spending all day on it, consider the Natural Rockbridge Trip. You will view the incredible rock bridge as you traverse seven miles down the river. For the more adventurous, the Sugar Grove Trip is an all-day excursion taking you across 15 miles of the Hocking River. You can even book your trip for an overnight stay if you feel like camping out!

More Than Just Canoes

While the canoe trips are the most popular river runs offered by Hocking Hill Adventures, they are just the beginning. You can reserve a variety of boat options including kayaks, rafts, and water tubes. The river runs will be similar to the canoe trips, letting you enjoy the beautiful Hocking River the way it was meant to be enjoyed. If you are in the area in October, make sure to participate in the Pink Canoe tour; all proceeds go to support cancer research.

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Finding Hocking Hill Adventures

If you are ready for an adventure on the river, make your way to Hocking Hill Adventures. You can find their Canoe Livery at 31251 Chieftain Drive, Logan, Ohio 43138. Give them a call with any questions at 740-385-8685. Each canoe tour has individual pricing, so ask Hocking Hill which run will be best for you.

Nearby Attractions and Restaurants to Enjoy

Taking time to make the most of outdoor adventures in Hocking Hills is a must when you’re looking to make your experience unforgettable. This scenic and welcoming destination is one where nature provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor fun while the team at Hocking Hill Adventures provides multiple routes to enjoying the great outdoors in customized style. When you’ve spent your day taking to the wilderness, you might be in the mood to follow it up with a delicious meal or perhaps an extended itinerary of options to enjoy. Either way, Hocking Hill Adventures sits within proximity to plenty of opportunities and the following are a few you just won’t want to miss out on.

Lake Logan State Park

Situated at 20160 St. Rt 664 in Logan, Lake Logan State Park is the ultimate destination in Falls Township for those visitors looking to indulge in the beauty of nature. Known and loved as one of the very best fishing spots in all of Hocking Hills, those who can’t wait to cast a line and reel in the next big catch will find the scene they’ve been searching for at Lake Logan State Park. From catfish and bass to bluegill and northern pike, Lake Logan hosts a variety of species that make fishing at this park a moment to remember. Beyond time spent on the water, Lake Logan State Park provides a maze of hiking trails to be enjoyed that offer up much in the way of wildlife watching and bird spotting. Those with a passion for taking in the surrounding foliage will love the fact that Lake Logan State Park is dotted with towering Oaks and Hickory.

Mingo Park

Those traveling with little ones through Logan will want to make sure to swing by Mingo Park when they’re in town. Located at 958 Charles Street, Mingo Park is the ideal spot for kids to have a blast and run off some excess energy thanks to the intricate and sprawling wooden playground that awaits. Complete with castle spires, slides, and swinging bridges, this is a park worth returning to time and again.

The MAX Bar and Grill

When your adventures in Logan have left you with an appetite to deal with, head over to the MAX Bar and Grill. Located at 922 W. Hunter Street, the MAX is a good place to come when you’re up for a laid back atmosphere where you can grab a beer and pair it with a burger to go with good company and great conversation.

Your Hocking Hills Canoeing Adventure

Now that you have your outdoor activities planned, it is time to find you the perfect cabin with a theater. Our lodges and cabins are second to none in the Hocking Hills area and will keep you comfortable. Check out our special offers or give us a call today and let us find the right cabin where you will make memories of a lifetime.

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