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Rock Climbing & Rappelling Excursions in the Beautiful Hocking Hills

When you visit Hocking Hills you can expect an outdoor playground just waiting to be explored. Hocking Hills includes many different kinds of outdoor activities from hiking to kayaking. It also included rock climbing and rappelling excursions for those who enjoy scaling up cliffs and achieving incredible views. There are a few different aspects of rock climbing and rappelling for visitors to know such as areas to go and companies to tour with. Here is how you can enjoy rock climbing and rappelling in Hocking Hills:

Hocking State Forest

Hocking Hills is a part of the greater Hocking State Forest that encompasses a total of 9,000 acres here in the area. Hocking State Forest features some truly gorgeous scenery that includes trees that are 400 to 500 years old. Rock climbers and rappellers will also find an area that is exclusively used for the sport. Visitors will find a large spacious area right by Big Pine Road in Spring Hollow that is exclusively used for rock climbing and rappelling. A parking area is nearby, making it easy to get to the climbing area. The walk is short so carrying your equipment should be a breeze. Speaking of which, make sure you use only quality equipment for your climb, especially if this is your first visit to the area. You will find a mile length of rock cliff available for you to utilize with some areas climbing up to 100 feet in height. Features along the rock face include cracks, blocks, chimneys, and overhangs providing the perfect challenge for those who are experienced climbers. The rock cliff is comprised of soft sandstone visitors will want to make sure and avoid using chocks and pitons. The use of a top rope is your safest bet with this softer stone. Hocking State Forest is the only area on state land where you are permitted to rock climb and rappel. The area closes each night at dark with fires prohibited so please only climb during daylight hours. Rock climbing and rappelling should only be enjoyed in groups for safety. If you are a novice climber, please ensure to go with an experienced climber to help you on the way. Additional information can be made available by calling 1-877-247-8733.

High Rock Adventures

Rock climbing and rappelling excursions in Hocking Hills are thrilling sports that take you to new heights. Visiting the climbing area in Hocking State Forest is great for those who are experienced. If you are looking to try rock climbing or rappelling for the first time you should always trust a trained professional. Luckily, High Rock Adventures is located near Hocking Hills to help you along the way. High Rock Adventures understands that the local state parks are typically busy with hikers, not allowing you any privacy to try rock climbing without an audience. Luckily, this tour company is the only rock climbing company in the area that offers guided tours on private property. They offer adventurous rock climbing guided tours that use Petzl stainless steel anchors that do not damage trees and allow you to climb with confidence. The rock climbing guided tours are perfect for both brand-new beginners who have never climbed before and experienced climbers. Best of all, rock climbing is a family friendly activity with climbers needing to only be at least 6 years of age. Those who have rock climbed at an indoor gym will find that climbing on natural sandstone is quite a bit more challenging. However, all of the equipment, safety briefing, training, and guides will be provided during each rock climbing tour.

High Rock Adventures also provides rappelling tours and is the only provider of tours in the area. Rappels start at 35 feet and go up to over 70 feet. You will find each tour to be an exciting blend of adrenaline and nature! Rappelling is less demanding on the body than rock climbing but is still just as thrilling. Two guides will join you on your journey to see some scenic rock formations. You will always be harnessed in to make sure you stay safe the entire time. Guests can enjoy rock climbing and rappelling tours that combine both activities for an adventurous occasion. These combined tours typically take at least 6 hours to complete and are perfect for the outdoor adventurers that come to the area. Make sure to take a look at their night rappelling opportunities and zip line courses that offer plenty of fun too!

Hocking Hills Is Ready to Be Explored

There are plenty of opportunities for rock climbing and rappelling when you visit Hocking Hills for your next vacation and choose our Old Man’s cave cabin rentals. Contact us and reserve one of our vacation rentals here in the area to find a comfortable stay. You will also be close to these rock climbing areas making it easier than ever to get to them.

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