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Cedar Falls Hocking Hills

When it comes to vacations that offer up an abundance of outdoor beauty, thrills and adventure, Hocking Hills, Ohio stands in a class all its own. This pristine part of southeastern Ohio has a way with everything from stunning rock formations and caves to hiking trails and lush forests. Whether you prefer to take on the great outdoors by foot, bike, ATV or camper there’s truly something for everyone in this rustic and charming neck of the woods. While the outdoor opportunities are ample, for cascade chasers, Hocking Hill is highly unique. Hidden away within the Hemlock and sandstone, waterfalls catch explorers by surprise and come in a variety of heights and force. When you’re looking to encounter one of the area’s most impressive, make sure to add a stop at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills to your list of must-see destinations.

A Wonderland of Water

There’s something endlessly intriguing about the combined beauty and power that a waterfall represents and of all the falls Hocking Hills hosts, Cedar Falls is the most captivating of them all. Sitting below Old Man’s Cave near the Valley of Queer Creek, Cedar Falls lets loose its forceful cascades in an area that’s as remote as it is breathtaking. Surrounded by steep cliffside walls, hemlock, and gorgeous grottos, there’s something mysterious to this destination that makes it a favorite amongst photographers. While the falls were named in error by those who thought trees near this landmark were Cedar instead of Hemlock, it doesn’t detract from the fact that Cedar Falls is a place that stays with you long after you’ve visited.

Planning Your Visit

For those that are interested in making the most of a hike to Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills, begin your trek near the lower gorge of Old Man’s Cave and continue onto the trail that winds through the Valley of Queer Creek. Those who are more excited to maximize time at the falls in lieu of the trails will want to take advantage of the convenient parking that’s available near the top of the falls themselves. Once you’ve taken your pictures and plenty of time to admire the beauty of this one-of-a-kind destination, be sure to settle in for a picnic lunch at one of the tables that dots the area too. When you want to wander down the falls at a leisurely pace, be sure to explore the set of 100 steps that gently leads down the hillside.

Things to Do Nearby

While a stop at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills is bound to be endlessly exciting, the beauty of a trip to Hocking Hills is the sheer number of options available to travelers who have an appetite for adventure that’s hard to satiate. When you’re looking to expand your itinerary, be sure to add these stops to the list.

Visit Ash Cave

For hikers with a heart for stunning views and options to continue indulging their senses with hiking trails, waterfalls, and forested surroundings, a trip to Ash Cave is sure to please. Known as the largest recess within Hocking Hills State Park, Ash Cave is a towering testament to some of Mother Nature’s finest work. Visitors often hike this way with a camera in hand to make the most of photographs of this truly impressive natural feature. Others choose to linger and have a picnic in the shadow of the rock that’s truly stood the test of time. Easy to access using trails that also run by Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls, Ash Cave is well worth a visit when you’re in the area. Get ready to be impressed by this landmark that boasts dimensions of 700 feet end to end and depth of over 100 feet.

Visit the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

Hop out of the woods and onto the rails when you book a ride on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway when you’re in town. Visitors looking for a leisurely ride on a wonderfully vintage locomotive will find exactly what they’re looking for when they arrive. Saturday and Sunday rides are readily available for guests and provide a unique insight into the transformation of travel over time as well as the terrain that makes up the greater Hocking Hills area. The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway is located at 33 W. Canal Street in Nelsonville and the depot isn’t hard to miss. Reservations can be made by calling 740-753-9531 and if you book a ride between Memorial Day and October, you’ll enjoy a 30-minute stop at a pioneer log village with the purchase of your ticket!

Attractions Nearby

Flavorful attractions throughout Hocking Hills always make for some fan-favorites tops and when you’ve been out adventuring all day, finding a great place to enjoy a meal is a top priority. When you’re looking for some mouthwatering traditional favorite bites, make Village Café your first stop. Located at 16039 Water Street in Laurelville, Village Café is open on Tuesday through Monday from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm, from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm on Sunday, and closed on Tuesdays, serving up all-American breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites upon request. The ambiance is laid-back and the service is friendly no matter when you arrive.

Hocking Hills Waterfalls

There’s no place quite like Hocking Hills and when you’re here to enjoy it all, let the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges handle your accommodation details. Contact us today to begin planning your next amazing trip!

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