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Lake Logan State Park

There’s nothing better than quality time spent in the great outdoors when you’ve planned a vacation to Hocking Hills, Ohio. As scenic as it is satisfying, this area of Ohio is filled with everything from underground caverns and caves to hidden away waterfalls and a variety of staggering cliffsides in between. Whether you plan on spending time in the lush forests on the trails or making the most of delicious dining opportunities in town, a visit to Hocking Hills is quite unlike any other. When you’re in the process of crafting the ideal Hocking Hills itinerary, be sure to find time for a visit to the beautiful Lake Logan State Park while you’re here.

An Oasis of Natural Beauty

Lake Logan State Park opened to the public in 1955 under the name Hocking Lake but was quickly changed to Logan Lake State Park as a means of avoiding confusion with nearby Hocking Hills State Park. Additionally, renaming this place of pristine beauty and history was done as a way to honor the Native tribes that called this area home. Those visitors who are fascinated with gorgeous trees and foliage will find plenty to admire at Lake Logan State Park. This area is home to a variety of plant and tree species including Tulip trees, White and Black Oak, Pignut Hickory and Shagbark as well. In the spring, Lake Logan State Park blossoms with wildflowers and is packed with wild berries waiting to be picked for those ready for the challenge. Lake Logan is a notoriously successful location for anglers looking to catch everything from bass and bluegill to crappie, pike, and catfish.

Lake Hope State Park | Lake Logan State Park

Make Way for Wildlife

Visitors to Lake Logan State Park are often captivated by the sheer number of creatures, both land-based and sky-bound, that call this area home. While you’re here, keep your eyes open for raccoons, squirrels, turtles, deer and wild turkey too. Bird watchers will want to be sure to bring their binoculars in hopes of spotting woodpeckers, red-tailed hawks and barn owls. A variety of Waterfowl can be viewed when migration is happening as Lake Logan State Park is a perfectly placed stop along their route.

Things to Do Nearby

Lingering for an afternoon or more at Lake Logan State Park is an inspiring way to spend time when visiting Hocking Hills, Ohio. This idyllic destination is perfect for those that love to fish, hike, swim, kayak or simply sit back and capture the view. When you’ve checked this exciting stop off the list, Hocking Hills is brimming over with even more stops to be discovered and explored. Whether you’re hoping to expand on your time in nature, or can’t wait to make the most of flavorful stops along the way, the following are great options for creating a comprehensive itinerary you’ll love.

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Hike Cantwell Cliffs

When you’re ready to lace up the boots and hit the hiking trail, Cantwell Cliffs is definitely calling your name. Situated within pristine Hocking Hills State Park, the trail to Cantwell Cliffs can be accessed in the northern section of the park and in general, is a great choice for those hikers with a bit more experience under their belt. The terrain is steep and slippery in places, but the final view is worth the effort. Narrow passageways and stunning cliff walls await to be admired. This is very much a hike you’ll want to have your camera ready for. While the valley floor trail is sure to please, those looking to elevate the adrenaline-pumping fun will enjoy the rim trail route as well.

Dine at Olde Dutch

When your hiking adventures have left you with an appetite, head over to Olde Dutch in Logan for a meal that’s as robust as the service is friendly. Located at 12791 OH-664, Olde Dutch is open from 11:00 am until 8:00 week long. The lunch and dinner buffet option at Olde Dutch makes it a convenient and always filling place to dine with friends and family. Options on the buffet range from fried chicken and noodle soup to roast beef, steak options and sandwiches too. Guests won’t want to forget to pass by the dessert bar before they go!

Attractions Nearby

If you’re looking for an off the beaten path stop while you’re in Logan, head over to the Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum and take a look around. This quaint homage to a collection of over 3,000 pencil sharpeners was acquired over 20 years time and creates a colorful and unique display quite unlike any other. The museum is located at 13178 OH-664 and is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm and Sundays from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Fishing in Hocking Hills

As gorgeous as it is filled with fun, Hocking Hills makes a wonderful vacation destination any time of year. Let the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges handle your accommodation details while you’re here and help you get settled into a beautiful rental cabin that will take your trip to the next level of excellence. Contact us today to start planning your trip!

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