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Slate Run Vineyard

There is always a great time waiting for you when you vacation to Hocking Hills. Our vacation destination is home to a variety of nearby attractions that are an absolute blast. One aspect of Hocking Hills that many visitors may not know is that the region produces a variety of wine grapes to use for wine. This includes your traditional grapes and also unique hybrid grapes that are exclusive to the region. These grapes are grown and used to produce wine at a variety of local wineries and vineyards. Slate Run Vineyard is one such location that is named after a small creek in the area. While the creek may be small, the offerings at Slate Run Vineyard are anything but that. This local favorite produces 17 different artfully-made wines and has a comforting tasting room in which to enjoy them. Take a look at what a visit to Slate Run Vineyard looks like:

A Family Owned and Operated Hocking Hills Vineyard

Whenever you visit a local Hocking Hills vineyard, you will notice that most are family owned and operated. The same can be said for Slate Run Vineyard that is a small farm winery that first opened up its doors in 1997. Owners Leslie and Keith Pritchard started as amateur winemakers in 1981 before they began growing their own crops in 1985. Soon they began to realize they were growing too many grapes on their own and needed a larger space. This is where Slate Run Vineyard became a realization and is situated near a small creek. All of their skills are now applied day in and day out here at the vineyard and winery.

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Onsite Winery

When you visit Slate Run Vineyard, you will notice that the property has their own vineyard and winery. Everything that Slate Run Vineyard produces is grown and crushed here onsite. This makes each bottle of wine as fresh as it can be. Each bottle of wine produced at Slate Run Vineyard is made using only 100% Ohio grapes and other fruit. Wines that use apples are sourced from Hugus Orchards, another staple of the Ohio wine making community. Visitors will be able to taste any of the 17 different wines created here. Start with a dry white and finish with a sweet red. There will be a wine for any palate found here on the menu. Dry white wines on the menu include the Slate Blanc, Slate Blanc Reserve, Premblanc, and Premignon. These wines feature notes of balanced oak and a crisp dryness. Semi-dry white wine on the menu includes Slate Gem and Premcess, each with a more nuanced fruit character. Sweet white wine is perfect for those who wish to taste additional notes of fruit and include the Winsome and Finale. There is just as large of a selection of red wines as well. The rose selection includes the Rosily and Premrose each providing the perfect balance of red and white flavors. You can enjoy five different dry reds including the Slate Rouge, Slate Garnet, Premcru, Prembourg, and Premblage each featuring a dry oak aroma and flavor. Last but not least are the Rurban Red, a sweet red wine made with hybrid grapes, and the Apple, the only fruit wine on the menu.

Guests will be able to purchase bottles to take back to their vacation rental. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that bottles start at just $10 per bottle allowing you to purchase enough for even longer durations here in Hocking Hills.  Onsite staff will describe the incredible process it takes to pick the unique grapes found exclusively here in Ohio and eventually create the wine you are tasting. Don’t forget to take a bottle or two back with you. These wines pair great with any dinner and can be a unique gift from your travel to this Hocking Hills vineyard.

The Weinhaus

If you are looking for the perfect setting for a wedding or special event, look no further than Slate Run Vineyard. This winery has an onsite special event venue appropriately called the Weinhaus. This venue is 2,400 square feet in size and can comfortably seat 125 people. Best of all, you will have the delicious wines produced by Slate Run Vineyard as an option for event drinks.

Finding Slate Run Vineyard

You can enjoy a visit to Slate Run Vineyard found at 1900 Winchester Southern Road in Canal Winchester. Visit the winery Monday through Saturday from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Call 614-834-8577 or email info@slaterunwine.com to reserve the Weinhaus or ask any questions you may have. Contact us for beautiful vacation rentals and to experience the unique grapes grown exclusively in the Hocking Hills region.

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