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Top Hidden Gems in Ohio Near Hocking Hills

Half the fun of travel lies in the potential for discovering something exciting and new along the route. Travelers that are making their way to Hocking Hills this year in pursuit of an amazing getaway are likely familiar with the well-known stops they’re sure to encounter including Conkles Hollow State Park or Old Man’s Cave. While exploring these iconic areas is always fun, there’s something refreshing about a stop that takes you a bit off the beaten path. When you’re looking for some hidden gems in Ohio to add to your itinerary, consider the following destinations.

Saltpetre Cave Nature Preserve

Hiking through caves and along cliffs is a highlight for many who head to Hocking Hills to trek their way through a stay. When you’re looking for some new and impressive scenery to explore, consider Saltpetre Cave Nature Preserve. Located within Hocking County, this destination takes up no more than 14 acres of land but provides much in the way of natural wonder. A collection of four caves make up the area that stands more than 100 feet wide at the mouth, include 8-foot ceilings throughout and consist of caverns that boast 120-foot recesses.

Cantwell Cliffs | Saltpetre Cave Nature Preserve

Grandma Faye’s

Situated at 20507 OH-664 Scenic, Grandma Faye’s is a quaint country grocery store in Logan that also serves up ice cream, snacks, and small meals on request. The staff at this store is notoriously friendly and if you’re looking for a one of a kind souvenir to take to loved ones back home, this would be the place to find it. Grandma Faye’s isn’t big on flair, but here you’ll find plenty of local charm, hospitality, and of course, flavor.

Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum

Finding hidden gems across the Hocking Hills region will take you to some truly unique spots. Many guests may find themselves stopping by the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center to get accustomed to the area. Here you can learn more information about the region along with obtaining maps to help you navigate your surroundings. A stop in a welcome center is no uncommon activity but what you will find here is absolutely a hidden gem. The Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center houses next door the Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum. This hidden gem is one of the most unique museums you will ever come across. While it may only be the size of a small shed it makes up for it with its unique collection of over 3,400 pencil sharpeners. The collection started over 20 years ago by Reverend Paul Johnson and continues to be a Hocking Hills tradition. The Paul A. Anderson has been featured in plenty of national magazines, but you probably have still not heard of it before. Stop by to see the largest collection of pencil sharpeners found in the entire country.

Robinson Falls

While most of the outdoor attention is given to the Hocking Hills State Park there are several other preserves found in the region. These areas typically require advance permits in order to explore them at your leisure. One such place is the Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve. This nature preserve has profound beauty with its natural scenery and potential to see wildlife out in the open. One of most hidden aspects of the preserve is Robinson Falls, also known as Corkscrew Falls to the locals. This gorgeous waterfall is on full display and is flowing at its strongest during the late spring season. Guests who wish to see it in person need to apply for a permit that can take up to two weeks to obtain so make sure you plan for your journey accordingly. Visitors of the Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve will also be able to explore its various diversity of habitats. You can see in person different ridges, wooded hills, and sandstone outcrops during your exploration. The Buckeye Trail will take you through most of these habitats. Come learn about the rich natural beauty of Hocking Hills but in a location that is frequently off the beaten path.

Ohio is Calling

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