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Old Man’s Cave General Store

When you plan a trip to Hocking Hills, it’s likely that you’ve set your sights on an outdoor adventure. From hiking and biking to camping and exploring, Hocking Hills is the ideal vacation destination for those looking to make the most of time spent in and around nature. Before you head out into the forested terrain in search of caves, waterfalls, and amazing rock formations, you’ll want to gear up and get your energy level up too. One of the best places to do exactly this is at the Old Man’s Cave General Store. This one-stop-shop is sure to be a place that not only provides everything you’re looking for but provides you with some charming memories too.

A Little Something for Everyone

Situated at 18809 State R. 664 South, Old Man’s Cave General Store is a quaint stop on the path to iconic Old Man’s Cave that truly has a little bit of everything a visitor might be looking for. Old Man’s Cave General Store is open every day of the week between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm with extended hours on the weekends until 9:00 pm as an added convenience. This rustic, cabin-inspired stop is easy to access and includes a pet-friendly patio with tables in the event you need a break from hiking before you set off once more. While Old Man’s Cave General Store has plenty of dining options available, it also functions as a deli, grocery, and ice cream shop for those who stop by with cravings to cure. If you’re heading out for a camping trip and need supplies, this locale has that too. From firewood and ice to tobacco, beer, and wine, there’s practically nothing you can’t find when you stop at Old Man’s Cave General Store.

What to Eat While You’re Here

The daily lunch specials available at Old Man’s Cave General Store are as diverse as the landscape itself, so be sure to ask what’s on the menu when you drop in. If you’re in the mood for something more standard, pizza is always a fan favorite at this cozy stop. Expect to find classic slices such as pepperoni or cheese that are fresh and ready to eat. The deli selection available means it’s simple to order up a sandwich and a side of chips. Classic sandwiches such as turkey, ham, roast beef, and more are available to choose from. You will also find your standard selection of your favorite brand of chips to go with each sandwich for a full meal. Top it all off with a soda before enjoying an ice cream on your way out. Old Man’s Cave General Store hosts a collection of over 24 flavors, meaning even the pickiest eater can find something to satisfy the sweet tooth! Locals cannot rave enough about the incredible selection of ice cream. You will find interesting flavors readily available such as lemon, German chocolate cake, coffee, and much more. Each of these flavors are offered in a variety of sizes; the prices are extremely wallet friendly, as a large ice cream will only cost you a few dollars. Seriously, who knew you could enjoy fresh ice cream and for cheap right after a hike to and from Old Man’s Cave? The ice cream can also be used to make a variety of shakes or ice cream sandwiches, so the options become nearly endless. Locals know all about the delicious offerings at Old Man’s Cave General Store, so expect a short wait if you stop by during high traffic seasons.

Nearby Trails

The best part of visiting Old Man’s Cave General Store is that you will be inside Hocking Hills State Park. Here, visitors will be able to explore the various different trails the explore the region. Hocking Hills State Park is the top attraction in the area and is the main reason why thousands of visitors come to the area each year. The Old Man’s Cave trail is perhaps the most popular trail in the park. It consists of a six-mile course that connects to other parts of the park, including Ash Cave and Cedar Falls. It is even part of the North Country Scenic Trail and America’s Discovery Trail. During your hike you will be able to see iconic sites such as the various falls and the Blackhand Sandstone Bridge. The trail is absolutely beautiful during warmer parts of the year; however, seeing the trail during the winter is also a treat, as the many falls will be completed frozen over, leaving beautiful ice creations, and the snowfall gently covers the ground and dusts the treetops for a beautiful sight. Of course, Old Man’s Cave is not the only spot to hike around as mentioned. Before you visit the general store, stop by Conkle’s Hollow, Cantwell Cliff, Whispering Cave, or Rock House. Each area of the park is just as memorable as the last, so you can expect plenty of days of exploring the area. Nowthat is one way to earn that ice cream!

Enjoy the Best of Hocking Hills

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